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    Any full hybrid pickups on the horizon?

    A very excitting full size 3/4 ton Toyota Hybrid is be be available in 2006. Called the FTX, it is equipped with a V-8 gas engine with Synergy drive and is reported to be the most powerful truck ever built. More torque than past and current diesels.
    A plant has been built in Texas and I understand the waiting list as with all Toyota Hybrids is starting to rapidly grow. The future is here, and it is called Toyota!

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    Any full hybrid pickups on the horizon?

    The Toyota 3/4 ton FTX Hybrid truck can be seen as video at:
    When the site opens, click "Continue",
    then click on "Encounter" and finally click "Videos"
    Scrolling down half way you will see the blue colored FTX.

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    Any full hybrid pickups on the horizon?


    While I don't disagree with your "different focus" point, Dave's statement holds much more truth in the market place. One of the most important dynamics in successful marketing is public perception. If GM wants to focus on commercial fleet services over the needs of retail market that is fine. But that comes with a price in public perception, which Dave has exampled perfectly.

    I believe it is the lack of understanding these nuances that will put American car companies in their graves. It has already done a great deal of damage and I don't think American automakers are going to catch on or change their dogma soon enough to save them.

    So be it. Survival of the fittest.

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    Any full hybrid pickups on the horizon?

    "Good american iron, unlike some of these pansies that like the asian crap they feed us. And by the way, Toyota and Honda are finding out wjhat it means to mass produce cars - they have recalls everywhere! The Pruis shutting down on the freeway to the oddessy locking its drive wheels at highway speeds! "


    Your so called "American" Chevy Silverado is BUILT IN MEXICO. Toyota Tundra; USA (Indiana)

    Also, compare American recalls vs. Toyota & Honda Recalls...BIG DIFFERENCE...Honda and Toyota have WAY FEWER recalls than the American cars.

    So, John, If you aren't intelligent to know this material, then please don't post on this site...or any hybrid related forum.

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    Any full hybrid pickups on the horizon?

    So, back to the subject. Am I right in hearing that there will be a hybrid Toyota Tundra for 2007? I have not found confirmation from Toyota, but would love to hear from someone who has.

    We were happy guinea pigs with the 2003 Civic Hybrid, and are anxious to get our hands on the first legit hybrid pickup that comes out.

    Thanks, Jim

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    Any full hybrid pickups on the horizon?

    Any news on the toyota hybrid pickup? I can't seem to find it at toyota's web site.

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    Any full hybrid pickups on the horizon?

    OK, the FTX is there but shown as a CONCEPT vehicle!

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    Any full hybrid pickups on the horizon?

    Hey mike J. Perhaps one of the reasons that Toyotas have fewer recalls is because they try and hide them from the public to try and protect there image they had once achieved. What was it about a couple months ago that the president of Toyota had to apologize for (I can't remeber the exact problem, steering perhaps) an accident that injured but luckily did not kill a couple people because of a recall that should've happened.

    Toyota's quality is definitely slipping and while Lexus remains at top , the last j. d. powers ratings in vehicle problems had toyota quite a ways down the list.

    It even seems that the Korean car companies are starting to build better cars and suv's and putting in higher quality materials than the current toyotas.

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