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    I have a 97 Rav4 and

    I have a 97 Rav4 and absolutely love it but am also waiting and wishing for a hybrid version. Someone should start a petition and send it off to Toyota.

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    please do something with

    please do something with rav4 hybrid..

    because it's best suv and if you have hybrid option then it would be the best car in the history.

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    I agree!! This is

    I agree!! This is ridiculous. If Lexus can be Hybrid than why not RAV4 ????

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    another gas guzzling Xterra

    another gas guzzling Xterra owner here thats waiting for either toyota, honda or nissan to step up and get compact hybrid SUV on the market. I may break down and just get an escape....

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    Nissan Pathfinder owner

    Nissan Pathfinder owner here. Waiting for a Rav4 Hybrid. I would have gotten one already, if they had it. I would never buy an American car again... so no Ford Escape for me. Maybe Camry hybrid, but don't really want a car. Waiting continues....

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    Yes! Add me to the list. I

    Yes! Add me to the list. I hope the wait for Toyota Rav 4 hybrid doesn't turn out like the hard to fine Wii lol.

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    compact hybrid SUV? Is this

    compact hybrid SUV?

    Is this really that difficult of a concept for automakers to come up with?

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    Ford has done it years ago

    Ford has done it years ago with the escape. I prefer Toyota and have been hoping they would make a Rav4 Hybrid.

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    Hoping for a hybrid RAV 4 as

    Hoping for a hybrid RAV 4 as well...however, I 'm wondering if the hybrid battery is environmentally friendly. Anyone?

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    Regarding hybrid batteries:

    Regarding hybrid batteries: Today's hybrids use NiMH batteries that are both landfill safe and very recyclable. I'd suggest that that makes them pretty environmentally friendly. Future hybrids will use Li-ion batteries which are also landfill safe and recyclable.
    FWIW, the lead-acid starter batteries in regular non-hybrid cars is hazardous, however, over 95% of them are recycled today so even they aren't much of an environmental problem.

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