// VA express lanes -- extending hybrid use
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    VA express lanes -- extending hybrid use

    Hi there,

    Who out there is driving on the VA express lanes, and who is lobbying our state legislators to extend this exemption past July 1 of next year? There's thousands of us using the express lanes -- if all of us contact our state reps we might be able to get this great program extended.

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    VA express lanes -- extending hybrid use

    This "great" program is clogging up the HOV lanes and damaging carpooling and the bus service that relies on free flowing HOV lanes. Getting cars off the roads is much better than adding to the congestion. The Honda hybrids without the CA emissions package that are everywhere in NoVA have terrible emissions(Tier 2 bin 9) and should have never gotten the clean fuel exemption in the first place. The people at the DMV obviously never looked at the emissions when certifying some of the hybrids.
    If you want to use the HOV lanes then carpool!

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