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    and the guy on who wrote the first comment cant even SPELL HYBRID RIGHT ITS HYBRID NOT HYBIRD!!!

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    A few friends and co-workers

    A few friends and co-workers give me flack for my HCH and soon to own Prius being "ugly" cars. For one, I think both cars look very nice inside and out and I enjoy driving a "different" looking vehicle.

    Secondly, who cares? Do I think the new Dodge Charger is a nice looking car? Yes. Do I want to get 15 MPG? Of course not!

    I think I left the days of wanting to drive a "cool looking" car behind when I graduated from high school.

    Other than that, Minerva hit the nail on the head.

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    Prius was first introduced

    Prius was first introduced in 2000/2001 and has since been selling faster than Toyota can make them. If the only bad thing anyone can say about it is that its "ugly" than Toyota has done an excellent job. Just like the only bad thing they can say about B Clinton is the BJs he got during his 8 years of presidency, than he was the most capable presidant in the recent history.

    It has been 9 years since Prius was introduced in american, why has no American car maker even tried to meet the market's demand? Ford-Escort or Chevy-(what ever its called) hybrids don't even come close to meeting Prius' capabilities or its looks, let alone beating this 9-year old car.

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    The reason that all the

    The reason that all the hybrids are ugly is because the car companies and gas companies have contracts with each other. If all of a sudden every sexy looking car got 35+ miles per gallon, which is easily doable, the gas companies would be out of a whole lot of money. So as long as they restrict the car sales to the dorks and hippies of the US they can still make a profit on the rest of us morons who buy cars for sex appeal and to impress others

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    Now come on Andy, they don't

    Now come on Andy, they don't actually have contracts with each other. That's just the stuff of conspiracy theorists. They do, however, tend to share the same gearhead, heavy iron mentality, however, and that archaic mind style clearly wants to preserve the 'Vette and similar legends as icons to the V8 and Internal combustion. The industry doesn't want to obsolete it's the technology it has invested in - Internal combustion and transmissions.

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    Do you know a internet site

    Do you know a internet site where I can see the price of cars in India, China, Corea, Japon, and differents contries?

    thjanks bye

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    I love my Camry hybrid! I

    I love my Camry hybrid! I only have to 'er fill up about once per month, and it costs me only about $40.00ish per time, with gas at $3.89+ per gallon. I always drive Toyotas, and this is my third Camry. I drive my cars till they drop, and it is no longer feasable to fix them - usually that is well over 150,000 miles. My second Camry was used-certified and I recently sold it to my daughter. I chose the Camry hybrid over the Prius because, first: the Prius screams "HYBRID!" Second: the Prius has much less room: and finally: because the safety tests are not as good. Also, I like the fact that people don't know my Camry is a "hybrid" unless I tell them, or if they look hard enough for the nicely inconspicuous "Synergy" logo. I especially love it at the gas pump! The only thing not to like about the Camry hybrid is possibly the smaller trunk, but my kids are grown now, so I don't need a big fat trunk anymore. (The battery is back there and it takes nearly half the room of a regular Camry-sized trunk). I've had my hybrid over a year now, and no problems. Sometimes people ask me silly questions about owning a hybrid, like "Do you ever run out of battery?" or, "Do you plug it in at night?" ...things like that. I sometimes sarcastically/teasingly remark, "Well, if I crank it enough times, I usually don't have that problem, except that it usually won't start if it gets below 10 degrees... " (we live in a northern climate) just to see the look on their faces.

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    yeah i remember that camry i

    yeah i remember that camry i think its similar with nissan altima! nice cars sites you posted right there imm check some new hybrid cars thanks.

    New Autopartswarehouse.com blog

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    of course hybrids are ugly,

    of course hybrids are ugly, the reason for that is because, not all, but most of the people who want hybrids are so stuck up that they want everyone on the road to know "I'm helping the environment!" without even having to ask if they're driving a hybrid. but i agree with a previous comment that says "who cares?" because seriously, get over how you want your car to look. it doesnt matter, it won't make you happy forever if your car is hot, but if you really believe in global warming you should check out the new Escalade hybrid, i think they look great! and i heard they're quickly rechargable. but since global warming is complete bullsh**..... I'd say buy a hybrid so you dont have to worry about gas. because dispite rather you think global warming is a problem or not (not) gas prices and petroleom oil shortages are......

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    they have improved in looks

    they have improved in looks in the last couple of years
    the honda especially

    but you are right, there is a certain 'look' when it comes to hybrids, and it is not an inviting look

    I hate the way the prius looks!

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