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    What about converting older

    What about converting older cars to hybrid technology or even make them totally electric? I think that's the best way to recycle....there are so many nice cars....why crush them out of existance? If it's a collectible car, you could always save the original motor and store it (for value purposes). I'd love to drive around in a big ol' 60s land yatch and not feel guilty about the environment. With all the technology out there....maybe we can have our cake and eat it too.

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    Everytime i try to read a

    Everytime i try to read a damn internet post some wanna b radical jumps on and starts a god damn war the original post was meant to be about hybrid cars being ugly if you have anything else to comment about start your own thread

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    I agree these cars are ugly

    I agree these cars are ugly with cheap interior and exterior

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