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    Electrical Fire

    I have seen several cars demolished by electrical fires, and have heard of more these days. Has there been any reports of this with the Toyota Prius, or with any other hybrid?

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    Electrical Fire

    Given the voracity with which the media seem to jump on any sort of hybrid-related problem, the fact that we've not heard stories plastered over our TV and radio indicates there has been no such trend.

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    Electrical Fire

    the media needs to see a cute blond girl involved in such an incident before the'll start covering it.

    see ya

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    Electrical Fire

    Hybrid vehicles pose additional danger to rescuers

    Dallas TX - Channel 8

    Fuel-efficient, environmentally-friendly cars known as hybrids are a hot commodity.

    However, they could be potentially dangerous to rescuers trying to free accident victims. Untrained emergency workers could cut electrical lines that may still be hot, causing electrocution.

    Story at:


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