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    Rod, You guys are sleazy,


    You guys are sleazy, and you are no exception. Don't diss the poster because he had a bad experience at your dealership. There are many people around Huntsville that have similar stories about Woody Anderson Ford, and Bill Heard Chevrolet, to be fair. Examples include asking a potential buyer promising to make a sale "today". The crap comment about marking up "not for profit" is just that, crap. You guys are a business to make profit, so just say it so. You need to work on your work ethics.

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    In the past, My wife and I

    In the past, My wife and I had bought at least 10 cars from Woody
    but that all ended after Woody, the man, died. His wife and family have run this dealership into the ground. they are now shady and unethical. I have gone to Ray Pearman and had great dealings. they treat you like a family member and they are still in the business of selling themselves as well as a car. if you have any problem talk to one of the many Pearmans that work there in every department. They will make sure you have a great experience.

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    where i work ordered a 1/2

    where i work ordered a 1/2 van from woody anderson back in november of '07 and we are still waiting on it. since i work at a school system we have to go with the lowest bid and unfortunately woody was the lowest bid. it was suppose to be in the middle of May now and it's done past and we still haven't gotten it. the sales person won't return none of the calls and won't answer the phone when we call. it's just a generic van nothing special about it. we also ordered a truck from them and it almost took as long and it was suppose to be a long wheel base truck but he ordered a short wheel base but we decided to keep it anyway. it's a shame when i special ordered my 2007 MINI Cooper S it was built, painted and shipped from the Oxford England in 6 weeks and woody anderson ford can't get me a ford fan in 6 months. i've been telling everyone i know not to buy a car from woody anderson ford.

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    ^ i meant to say we ordered

    ^ i meant to say we ordered a 1/2 ton van from woody anderson

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    This is a really helpful

    This is a really helpful thread you just saved me alot of grief I almost bought their TV AD but decided to research online before I contacted them Ill try the Pearmans once again Thank You!

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    It's really not unusual for

    It's really not unusual for a dealer to purchase from another dealer, if the local market will bear it.

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    I have had nothing but great

    I have had nothing but great dealings with them. Been going there over 12 years and I always research a purchase before I make it. So far they have always been great to deal with.

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    I'm sure glad i read these

    I'm sure glad i read these comments......I've been searching F-150s online here but havn't contacted anyone yet. Thanks to you guys, it aint gonna happen.........I bought a 2005 Siverado from Bill Heard. They were gonna charge extra for undercoating and factory bedliner.$600 bucks total, while signing papers. I told them to take it off, i wasn't gonna pay for this factory item. They didn't get paid for this....See where Bill Heard is now???????????

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    I've bought from Woody

    I've bought from Woody Anderson several times and have never had a problem with their pricing or business practices.

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    Woodyanderson ford is way

    Woodyanderson ford is way over priced and what scammers. On monday i get one price and by friday its marked up another $1800.00 . You have have got to be F^%$ kidding me. Not spending my money with them.

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