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    Money Saved on Gas?

    Exactly how much money can a person expect to save per year if they purchase a hybrid car? Specifically, how much on average would they save vs. a car that runs exclusively on gasoline?

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    Well, it depends upon the

    Well, it depends upon the individual who are using them.If you are following the instructions for saving fuel you can indeed save a large amount of money on fuels in a year.

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    To many variables, are you

    To many variables, are you driving a Prius or an Escalade? Both Hybrids, one 40+ miles to the gallon and one maybe 20 miles per gallon, one around 25K, the other around 65K. If you go with the more reasonably priced vehicle, use it for in town type short commuting, and recieve your states tax break you should see a significant savings. Check out hybridcars.com and check out the research page.

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    There are several variables

    There are several variables involved with calculating the costs and benefits of using a hybrid vs a standard car. Most important are where you live, your driving profile (how much city vs highway driving you do), and how much you pay for gas throughout the year. I found a good calculator on the web at shouldIgohybrid.com that estimates how much you will save by getting a hybrid vs standard vehicle, and the payback period for recouping the upfront costs based on your driving profile.

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    Everyone always makes the

    Everyone always makes the same mistake when calculating Hybrid cars and thats assuming Gas will be the same price. Even in 2005 you mustve suspected the gas was going to go up (albeit at least a little bit).

    Regardless, now that gas is going to continue to rise, Hybrids are the way to go. So those people who bought them in the long run will definitely save money and will not apply for no credit check loans in order to buy gas.

    Also what interests me, is that Ramit chose to use a Civic as opposed toa civic. A Civic hybrid does not match at all. The street driving of a Prius is pretty fantastic. 100% for the pocketbook. I like this website but this article should be taken off the website or updated at the very least

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    how much you pay for gas

    how much you pay for gas throughout the year. I found a good calculator on the web at shouldIgohybrid.Tech Info

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