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    Yep. Woody Anderson ford has

    Yep. Woody Anderson ford has become the replacemt for Land Shark Chevy. They will rip you off. Stay clear. They lie about there internet prices too. Don't waste your time with these local Yahoo's, they have all the business they want and retail prices. Check out the small towns (not Fayetteville/Parkcity) That's Woody Anderson also. Stay away from that punk Zack Penny also.

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    Well at least they didn't

    Well at least they didn't sell you a wrecked vehicle. I am currently going threw a terrible time Woody Anderson Ford Hsv., Al. I bought a 2010 Edge. This was about 1 month ago. I started realizing that the driver side of the car had some paint blemmishes of some sort...My next door neighbor noticed it as well as my older brother. I went back to Woody Anderson and was treated terrible...by, Pat the service manager, Jackie the Paint shop manager and the icing on the cake was when Ken the sales manager asked me if I wanted to trade my vehicle in for another vehicle at the depreciated amount! Needless to say...I wanted to talk to Bobby White the general manager...well, Bobby White has not been at work and has not returned our several phone calls to him. I tell you this much...I will go to Channel 48 news. I will go to the BBB and give them there 10th bad report in 3 months. I will hire a lawyer charging Woody Anderson with all the financial damages. Oh, and I don't want to leave out the fact that I will not back down until Woody Anderson buys this vehicle back in full. The lack of professionalism is this matter is going to be made public and it will cost Mr. Bobby White thousands!!!!!!!


    Richard Koller

    p.s. You owe me over $39,000, Mr. Bobby White!!!!!!

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    My family has bought over a

    My family has bought over a dozen cars from Woody Anderson Ford. They will do anything to rape you...I bet my wallet...the price you paid was TOO MUCH. OH, and any service you get done on the car...hahaha...there shop is a card table abortion clinic!!!

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    That's not the only issue

    That's not the only issue with Woody Anderson Ford. These people gave me and others I know the shaft! I have never been screwed like Woody Anderson Ford screwed me! Beware!!!

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    The dealership has gone down

    The dealership has gone down big time over the past 5 years. Mr. Woody would turn over in his grave if he knew the way it was being ran. If Cathy is smart, she will clean house with the current management team in place. Woody's went from being a respected dealer in the community to the next Landshark. Those of you who have lived here for awhile know what I am talking about.

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    First of all, y'all being

    First of all, y'all being anonymous on this website is pathetic! I have a face Mr. Bobby White. You called hear in reference to my posts on this website. Where is my money you smiling little whore? You didn't have a offer for me. You didn't buy back the vehicle you sold me with {water stain damage}. You fucked us! FUCKED! And you did exactly like I thought you would. You did nothing. You knew the mileage was building up on this car. You knew I had to make a payment. You MOTHER FUCKER! YOU MOTHER FUCKER! How many cars has my family bought from you??? 15-20?????????? You smiling little WHORE! You think you can just fuck people over and get away with it???? You burned us bad...and I don't keep brownie points, I keep grudges! I will tell everybody! EVERYBODY! You fucking corrupt monkey! I am really glad Woody made you a millionaire! All his hotel and COCAINE money. Corruption!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Thanks all. I went down to

    Thanks all. I went down to WAF two weeks ago and was interested in a vehicle. The sales guys math didn't make much sense to me at the time, with 7500 ford discounts he was claiming he couldn't go below dealer invoice, but I figured it was just the usual game. Sounds like these folks are much worse then the average car dealership. I'll drive a bit to find another Ford dealership.

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    Bobby White and his

    Bobby White and his employees are full of shit! I BETTER NOT SEE YOU, BOBBY WHITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I used to work there. I know

    I used to work there. I know just how bad things can be with their Sales Department and Service. The sales team will rip you to shreds if you don't know what you are doing when you go to buy a new car. They will promise anything to get you to sign the papers. The service deptartment isn't much better. I have seen them tell customers they needed major problems fixed when only minor things were wrong. Pat Carroll is very two-faced. He will smile politely to your face, but as soon as your turn around, he will give you the finger. The parts dept isn't much better. They have sold parts that have been returned and installed, and when the re-sell them, they make sure to give you no warranty on them. Some people have a "good" expeirence there, but more times than not, it's a nightmare. Hopefully, this will deter anyone from buying anything from Woody Anderson Ford and find a more suitable dealership.

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    I wanted to purchase a new

    I wanted to purchase a new vehicle at Woody Anderson. I wanted blue book price for my well maintained, gently used trade in vehicle. The "finance guys" told me to come back when the Auction dealer is at Woody Anderson and see what they would give me for my used vehicle.

    I left Woody Anderson and drove over to Jerry Damson Honda. They immediately accepted my vehicle as trade in at the blue book value, ordered my new car and gave me one just like it off of their lot to drive until my car (different color) was delivered from the factory. They also gave me free gas fill ups on the car I was driving until my vehicle arrived.

    I drove my new car back to woody anderson to show the salesperson the money they had lost with my purchase from Jerry Damson. I will never again do business with Woody Anderson. I suggest everyone shop at Jerry Damson Honda. Great salespeople, great maintenance, great service.

    Woody Anderson is terrible. I know that man is spinning in his grave.

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