My CRV is all fixed up to sell, can't afford to drive it much more without hurting the trade-in value. While I still have a Toyota Highlander ordered, the dealer is really vauge about the arrival date (sometime in the next few months??) and I can't wait much longer.

So, while my refundable deposit continues to hold my Highlander, I went shopping online. Was originally set on the Toyota, but decided to check into Ford Escape Hybrids as a possible alterantive. I need 4WD for my work and was initially discouraged the find no 4WD models available here in Middle TN. Then I discovered that Woody Anderson Ford in Huntsville, only 90 minutes away, had more on their lot than all the dealers in Middle TN combined! So I quickly inquired about several different models. That was Wednesday Evening. After 24 hours of intense research and discussion, it's over.

I did NOT buy. VERY unpleasant experience. They have 6-8 FEH 4WDs on the lot, more than any other dealer around, but WARNING: The prices listed on their own website,, and the copious notes I kept during our phone negotiations are indeed MSRP (or at least fair), but NOT what they're actually charging. Finally, at 6PM last night, after over 10 phone calls, the salesman called to decline my final offer, saying that he was "new" and he'd "just been told" that they wanted MSRP + $1000-2000 per vehicle. He said they bought up all the FEH 4WDs from other dealers at MSRP and had to mark them up over MSRP to make a profit. So, after 8 hours of negotiations the price went UP nearly $2,000!!!! I will NEVER shop there again and can not recommend strongly enough that all sane buyers stay away.