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    Jaws of life

    I just heard recently that hybrids can or could kill fire or policemen when rescuing people with the jaw's of life. I was wondering if someone could confirm this question. It has somthing to do with the car 's electricity beeing routed throughout the whole car??? IS THIS TRUE? Has any one heard of this and is it do too how the car is grounded? I'm interested in buying a hybrid and want to know if there all like this or if they verry or if it's just another ploy to keep us buying gas guzzler's. Thanks. Chuck

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    Jaws of life

    Not being an EMT, I can't personally give you a definitive answer. But in this forum and others, this "problem" has been debunked and refuted. Also, I believe the Toyota web site has some answers to this question, basically saying "not true."

    It seems like every few months, some journalist unearths this story, and reprints it, possibly because it is a slow news day or something. And then the hybrid car manufacturers and others have to spend time saying "for the umpteenth time, this is not true."

    Regarding the possibility of oil companies and gas-guzzler automakers promoting misinformation? Nah, I'd no more believe that than I'd believe that our own government would mislead us.

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    Jaws of life

    Check out the page about safety issues on this site:


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    The people you need to ask

    The people you need to ask are not the car manufacturers, but the emergency personnel. If they have been told not to use the jaws of life on hybrids, then there is a risk. That is the only way to know; ask the people who use the jaws.

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    sat next to a fire captain

    sat next to a fire captain on a recent flight and he told me about this. Mentioned a huge live voltage running through the hood??(which I am trying to google now) so no jaws of life. Also with fire in prius the batteries melt and hazardous materials has to be called to clean up the mess at a huge cost to taxpayers. I was surprised.

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    Before you make a judgement

    Before you make a judgement you should read the article in firehouse.com. See what the firemen say.

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