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    Hybrid 4x4/Off-Road Vehicle?

    Come on qq. The Toureg is just a station wagon with oversided tires. If the last year's DARPA Grand Challenge hadn't been on roads, Stanford's Toureg would have been stuck right off the starting line.
    In addition to losing so much fuel and the environmental damage, the other loss caused by the urbanite adoption of the SUV is the fact that there are no off-road ready SUV's being made any more with any fuel.
    Personally, I'd love to see an off-road hybrid but there probably isn't a big enough market for anyone to design something rugged enough that I'd be willing to risk getting stuck in the middle of nowhere with. The low-speed, controllable torque provided by the electric motor would be great in a serial hybrid to reduce engine overheating. One could also design it to handle fording without need of a snorkle (you could actually submerge completely :-)
    But let's just focus on the bulk of the market which need efficient, clean road vehicles for now.

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    The military is trying out hybrid technology on the new Humvees. In-hub electric motors, traction at all four wheels, huge clearance underneath. Maybe the civilian market will see them in 2010. Check em out here. http://www.gizmag.com/go/3477/
    I'm looking for parts suppliers to make my own.

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    There's no reason hybrid technology can't be applied to rugged, four-wheel-drive vehicles. As was said earlier, engine braking is simply non-frictional braking. Regenerative braking could be used off-road and, depending on the design of the hybrid system, the low-range gearing might improve the effect of it. The system could even be designed to increase the regenerative braking forces while in low-range knowing the driver will most likely want to take advantage of it. As for the effects of water, there's no reason the electronics can't be waterproofed and protected from the elements.

    Because of the bigger size and weight of most four-wheel-drives, the fuel savings won't be as large as the road-going hybrids. But some is better than none and when being driven on the road, the 4WD hybrid will be able increase efficiency in the same ways as small hybrids. The road is probably where they'll spend the majority of their time anyway.

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    Does anyone know if a

    Does anyone know if a manufacturer is making a hybrid 4x4 car (a non-SUV or truck)? I suppose I'm looking for a Subaru Outback-type car in a hybrid version?

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    I convert simple classic 4x4

    I convert simple classic 4x4 vehicles into rugged efficient drivable trucks using modern 4cylinder turbo diesel engines or full on plug-in hybrids using turbo diesel generators. Pick your favorite older truck or suv, we will restore it to better than new specs and make it out perform any new truck or suv on the market when it comes to simplicity, ease of maintenance, fuel economy and off road ability.
    Nathan Johnson
    Anvil & Co.
    [email protected]

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    Nathan, I may be contacting


    I may be contacting you. I'm looking to buy an old Subaru Forrester, but have held back because of the MPG. Your offer sounds interesting.


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    Hi Nathan, I live in New

    Hi Nathan,

    I live in New Zealand and I'd love my old Forrester converted to a hybrid.
    Would I just ask my mechanic if they can convert my old Forrester to a hybrid? (I have a Gen 2 Prius as well) Or are you guys extra special mechanical engineers?



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    Have you found any parts to

    Have you found any parts to build a hyrbrid 4x4? The only ones I can find are from pmlflightlink.com, but they aren't selling them individually.

    I want to build a protoype and get investors to start a small car company. CNC technology makes it possible to mass produce things without having a huge factory. The "economy of scale" is breaking down.

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    why not just convert it to

    why not just convert it to full electric? why wait for the manufactuerers to do it? WHY DO WE WAIT FOR OTHER PPL to do things right, take initiative and fricken do it urself!!!

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    you should really check out

    you should really check out idaho as well if you have the time because there is alot of need for suv's around this area in the winters. I know i will be looking to buy one if they can get them out and running

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