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    Hybrid 4x4/Off-Road Vehicle?

    I own a Toyota Prius and I love it. However, since I am a wildlife photographer I have to have a 4x4 off-road capable vehicle for my work, and so I also have a Toyota Tacoma pickup truck. I would love to replace my truck with a hybrid. Does anyone know if Toyota has plans to bring it's off-road capable vehicles (i.e. the Tacoma, Tundra, 4Runner, or Land Cruiser) to hybrid technology? I checked out the hybrid Highlander, but it's just not rugged enough and doesn't have enough ground clearance for the work I do.

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    You need to wait for almost one or two years, Toyota has plans to bring it's off-road capable vehicles to hybrid technology you can see some online designs and concept of this.

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    try to search on youtube
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    hybrid and 4x4 great

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