Come on qq. The Toureg is just a station wagon with oversided tires. If the last year's DARPA Grand Challenge hadn't been on roads, Stanford's Toureg would have been stuck right off the starting line.
In addition to losing so much fuel and the environmental damage, the other loss caused by the urbanite adoption of the SUV is the fact that there are no off-road ready SUV's being made any more with any fuel.
Personally, I'd love to see an off-road hybrid but there probably isn't a big enough market for anyone to design something rugged enough that I'd be willing to risk getting stuck in the middle of nowhere with. The low-speed, controllable torque provided by the electric motor would be great in a serial hybrid to reduce engine overheating. One could also design it to handle fording without need of a snorkle (you could actually submerge completely :-)
But let's just focus on the bulk of the market which need efficient, clean road vehicles for now.