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    Would LOVE to have a hybrid

    Would LOVE to have a hybrid Nissan Xterra or Toyota 4-Runner, or similar. I'm holding out on buying my next vehicle until someone develops one. I sure wish they would HURRY UP! I'm an outdoor writer working for a conservation agency and would love to do a better job of walking the talk.

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    If Jeep were to remake the

    If Jeep were to remake the Scrambler, they'd totally corner the market, more so were they to make it a more fuel efficient Jeep, or even a hybrid. A small pickup is simply unheard of these days, and there's really no reason for it. Id wager that 90% of the people that buy todays trucks need nowhere near the torque or carrying capacity provided by even the entry level trucks. A modest-tag, hybrid, 5-6ft bed, beat the crap out of Jeep is quite literally the most awesome vehicle I can come up with...

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    Thanks for the help , great

    Thanks for the help , great coment , I have been comparing also and they all have there plus and minus. I am currently looking at a 08 escape hybrid and my only concern is if the hybrid can climb a steep yet not to.. gravel road. we have a hunting ranch 20,000 acres and would like to buy this for the ranch. Thank Yopu Dennis

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    "hybrids need braking to get

    "hybrids need braking to get regenerative braking": while that statement is self-evidently true, it is absurdly besides the point. A hybrid does two things for you: (1) it turns off the engine when you're not moving at a stop light. (2) it runs the engine at its highest efficiency all the time, and uses electric motors when the car can't directly take advantage of the high efficiency.

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    They don't want to make a

    They don't want to make a hybrid off road vehicle so you'll do just that, spend more money, buy two cars instead of one.

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    You need to wait for almost one or two years, Toyota has plans to bring it's off-road capable vehicles to hybrid technology you can see some online designs and concept of this.

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