I have been looking for a hybrid 4x4. I am currently saving for a Dodge Ram 1500 because I like to camp and hunt and need a 4x4 to get where i am going and need a fullsize truck to get all my gear there. Plus I am 6' 3", 250lbs, and these little Toyotas and Ford Rangers are just too small inside the cab for me to even want to get in.

I don't see anyone making a pickup other than the GM thing, but that is hardly a hybrid IMO.

This is a BIG market.

Maybe it won't be able to tow 7,000 lbs like a Hemi Ram, but if it can get a bed full of stuff to the middle of nowhere (like 200 miles from home), without breaking the bank from the gas, they would have a great selling point.

They don't have to be a replacement for Trailer pullers and hardcore offroading. Just general stuff most Americans do with pickups...toss it in the bed and go.