Hi everyone, a colleague of mine told me that the savings that are presumably accrued following the purchase of a hybrid vehicle wouldn't be realized for at least 10 yrs post-purchase. He also informed me of an article in the New Yorker (???) that noted the increased maintenance costs for hybrids, including the need to purchase a new electric motor a few years down the road. I'm still trying to get a copy of this article from him but I was hoping the discussion group had some insight into this issue. As it stands, the hybrid is still more expensive than the standard configuration for the same vehicle (e.g., ESCAPE). I imagine that IF an electric motor needs to be changed every 5 yrs, the total cost of regular gas engine and electric motor maintenance (which is quite high already at the dealerships and I don't know if MIDAS can take care of a hybrid) will be absolutely prohibitive for middle class families.

Any ideas on this?