// Cigarette lighter in Prius
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    Cigarette lighter in Prius

    Forgive the politically incorrect query, but is the electric outlet in the '05 Prius console an appropriate place to put a cigarette lighter? "Appropriate" in the sense that it will work and won't blow a fuse or something equally dire?

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    Cigarette lighter in Prius

    My 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid and my wife's 2004 Honda Civic Hybrid have identical "electrical outlets" which came without a cigarette lighter. There's a clever little flipper door to keep dust out.

    While I don't know if the electrical outlet has the capacity to support a cigarette lighter, I do know (by direct experimentation) that it can support a laptop computer, an air ionizer, a rechargeable spotlight, an FM transmitter (for the talking GPS software on the laptop), a cell phone charger... I even bought a three-port outlet adapter to support several devices simultaneously - and I haven't blown a fuse yet.

    In fact (my wife and I are sitting here looking at each other with some puzzlement), we don't think our hybrids have ashtrays.

    Hershl, does your Prius have an ashtray? If it doesn't, are you going to flip your ashes and butts out the window?

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    Cigarette lighter in Prius

    About 10 years ago, most car manufacturers stopped putting ash trays and lighters in cars. If you want an ash tray and/or lighter for either the Prius or HCH, you can order them from your parts department. The ashtrays usually just fit into the cup holder in most new cars. So to answer your question, your DC outlet is definitely capable of powering a lighter.

    I think that the manufacturers stopped putting lighters and ashtrays in their cars to keep the resale values on them up. Now days most people lease cars for a few years and return them to the dealers. The dealers then make money on the car again when they sell it used. So maybe not putting lighters and ashtrays in new cars encourages people not to smoke in them and keep the resale value up. It does, however, encourage smokers to flick their ashes and butts out the window and onto the ground.

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    Cigarette lighter in Prius

    Speaking of consoles, I find it amazing that my 2006 Prius has NO place to lock ANYTHING -- no trunk (of course), no locking glove box (and there are two to choose from), no locking drawer below the seat and no locking center console. Anyone have any suggestions for an after-market lock? Thanks.

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    Cigarette lighter in Prius

    Tim, at least our Honda Civic Hybrids have lockable trunks. Have you asked the dealer / parts department if there is some sort of a portable safe you could chain down in the rear storage area?

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    Cigarette lighter in Prius

    My last car had something called a "smoker's package." It had something to make a cupholder into an ash tray and the doohickey you plug in that gets hot. The salesman basically threw it in the trunk when he delivered the car, and said "its free - take it."

    It never even got out of the plastic bag in 6 years, but my point is that maybe Toyota has something similar, but you have to ask for one.

    But, smoking is bad and pollutes the air, so quit instead.

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    Cigarette lighter in Prius

    Sorry to insist but an Ipod is a little bit expensive as you all probably know, the question for me is if the place normally asigned for the lighter is used for an Ipod, would this 12v outlets blow up my gadget?
    Thank you,

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    ummm...That is what the door

    ummm...That is what the door locks are for isn't it?

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    Hello, A word of caution.

    A word of caution. Although the car 12VDC socket is the most standard connector worldwide, many (almost all doubler and 3x adapters) while rated electrically for the draw of a lighter, are not rated thermally for a lighter. As in the HEAT of the hot lighter might soften and distort the plastic cylinder that forms the hole of the socket.
    Be careful.
    And when you are walking please remember that our world is not your ashtray.
    dennis lee

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    I don't think today's

    I don't think today's cigarette lighter sockets are designed to handle the heat of a lighter anymore. Ashtrays are more like candy dishes, and would probably melt under the heat of a lit cigarette.

    I wouldn't be surprised if taking the lighters and ashtrays out of cars helps smokers quit. Anything that makes it more difficult to smoke generally is helpful for someone thinking about quitting smoking.

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