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    hybrid batteries

    my husband and I are planning on buying a hybrid car/suv this year,we got a lot of information abt the mileage and performance but so little about the hybrid batteries.it would help a lot if we know more about it too.

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    hybrid batteries

    While the batteries are obviously a significant component of a hybrid system, there are no optional batteries for any hybrids. You have no choice of which of several different batteries to buy in your car* - there's only one battery (battery pack, actually).

    Nickel-metal-hydride (NiMH) batteries are used in Honda's hybrids. The HCH has a 144 volt battery pack made up of 120 1.2 volt D cells. Prius' batteries appear to have evolved.

    * Unlike Segways, which do have different batteries - Lithium ion vs NiMH.

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