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    I too have daydreamed about

    I too have daydreamed about a hybrid conversion... but with a twist.

    Maybe you've already seen internal combustion "pusher" trailers that enable electric vehicles to travel distances beyond their normal electric range.

    But what about the reverse: an electric trailer for pushing a conventional internal combustion vehicle. It's something I've Googled high and low, but haven't seen anyone try (and, yes, maybe that speaks to the practicality of the idea).

    I'm an aficionado of the often maligned but efficient Geo Metro. I'm sure a 10-15 hp electric motorized trailer, self contained with a batteries included, would suffice for propelling a car its size at low (i.e. suburban) speeds.

    At least in my circumstance (I live in a small town), the range wouldn't even need to be that great. I'd be more than happy with 15-20 km.

    And when not needed or wanted (e.g. highway trips, snowy winter conditions), it could be disconnected, thus avoiding the penalty of propelling around the added weight of the motor and batteries. It could also be shared between several vehicles in a household, and "follow" its owner who buys a different car.

    Depending on the complexity of the design, charging could come from the grid (making it a PHEV trailer), off-grid, or through regeneration.

    Of course the challenges are many: it would be suitable probably only for small cars; it would require an extra set of controls in the host vehicle (as do the EV pusher trailers); the driver would have to be comfortable maneuvering a vehicle/trailer combo.

    It's not something I'm planning to undertake, although mainly for lack of finances and time than lack of interest or aptitude.

    Thought I'd put it out there anyway.


    I like the elecric pusher trailer concept to help double my fuel mileage. What do you see as the major drawbacks?

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    I like the idea, however, having driven a pure EV for 3 year, I see the following issue with this: The pure EV meets over 95% of my normal driving needs, I only really needed my Internal Combustion Engine car (ICE) for occassional long trips. Therefore, I would see that the normal configuration should be the EV, the add-on for those other 5% of the times should be the ICE.

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    Here is a link to info how

    Here is a link to info how to convert regular car
    to run not only on gas but also on water

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    The problem with a pusher

    The problem with a pusher trailer is the complexities it adds to the car, both in control of the motor and the difficulties it adds to maneuvering the car. I can't see this as being usable to the average driver who can barely handle the 3 controls a typical car has (brake, accelerator, steering wheel).
    JB Straubel, the person who you link to is now the CTO of Tesla Motors. Tesla will soon be delivering their high performance Roadster pure electric car later this month. It should upset the entire automobile world.

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    Ditto, sometimes active

    Ditto, sometimes active ignorance and mistakes can turn out to be far more beneficial than inactive pessimissism, and I remember back 25-30 yrs. ago the toyota tercel was getting around 50 miles per gallon with a standard transmission, 40+ with auto., how far have we truley come?, also at the turn of the century, electric cars within city were daily lady drivers.

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    have you developed this idea

    have you developed this idea further? did it prove successful?

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    well if you did your home

    well if you did your home work. you would know that yes you can and no it will not take "few thousand pounds of batteries." and no you will not need "(You'd need a new suspension, by the way.) there is a company in CA that will do all the work for you and even make your cars on bord computer work with it "if your car is new enuff" it can cost
    look at the pages it will give you an idea about what it might cost!!!

    i saw this place on History Channel series Modern Marvels.

    EAA-PHEV.org website (Electric Auto Association - Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicle

    (this one has Links to the Companies Offering Conversions)
    How to Get a Plug-In Hybrid:

    this one tell you how to Convert Your Car to a Hybrid for $100 using water (not sure how it works but im going to try it soon)

    (this site tells all of you people on here being mean that yes it can be done)

    this one has some good info on How To Convert Your Car To An Electric Vehicle

    here is new on a company that will do a gas electric for you it takes 2 days and will cost $7.000

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    have you perfected your plan

    have you perfected your plan and converted your saturn? i have a 1990 geo metro convertible that still get 32+ mpg. as the original owner i'd like to bring her into te 21st century by hybridizing her. low cost is important to me. wee you able to complete your project for the projected cost or did it cost more than you expected? i'm also very interested in incorporating photovoltaics into the mix and harnessing the sun to make y rise clean and inexpensive to run. i hope i can find a way to use the electric as main power and gas only when necessary. that would be ideal.

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    You are going to spend

    You are going to spend thousands of dollars for an inefficient system- why? To double your mileage?

    I can do that with my eyes closed using current technology and a couple of hydrogen generators.
    Convert your car into a water hybrid for a couple hundred dollars depending on the size of the engine.

    I have gotten 40% increases on a huge 5.7 liter Chevy van engine using home made models built from home
    depot parts. With 2 other revisions and a second generator the mileage can double. I have a friend that has the
    same engine, same van and has gone from 10MPG to 22MPG- that's 122% increase using just WATER and your
    current engine.

    You don't have to change anything, no modifications to engine (except it cleans it up inside and reduces
    emissions dramatically). Our current project is a 2008 Mazda M3 which we are shooting for 60 MPG or more,
    using a new custom designed system.

    My suggestion- build your own to get started or buy a kit (we'll be offering those in a month or so).

    You want to learn all about it? Check out our Build your own Hydrogen Generator
    manual that tells you everything you need to know and offers a 60 day money back guarantee if you don't save gas!

    You've done a good job and paid off your car. Now take that car and convert it to hydrogen and you'll not only save money
    But you'll be cleaning up the environment.

    Water4Gas-Run Your Car on Water

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    Hybridman, I wish you'd quit

    I wish you'd quit hijacking this website. From all I can see, you are just a scammer.
    Get some independent laboratory to verify your results or you're no different from every other snake oil salesman.
    I've seen EVs, diesels, and hybrids prove that they are really improvements over gasoline but no one has yet shown me anything (not that I'll offer to give you much time to prove it) to indicate that you are anything but a scheister.
    And by the way: referring to what the rest of the world calls H2O as HHO doesn't help your credibility.

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