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    Sutpid Question #108: Convert to hybrid?

    Sure. I'd help you build one. Actually I'd really love to drive my '80 dodge pickup more, but sadly with todays rising gas prices not to mention the enviromental impact of driving such a titan....
    it's hard for me to anymore.
    It'd kick a lot of asses if I could do something to get it from the bottom-of-the-barrel 20 some odd mpg to more like 35 or 40.

    and NO! I just couldn't stand to sacrifice that beautiful engine's purr....

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    Sutpid Question #108: Convert to hybrid?

    there is also a relatively cheap conversion to a 'wood burning' engine. wood pellets are a lot cheaper than gasoline.

    I understand it doesnt actually require you to "convert" your gasoline engine, you can rig a switch to run on either fuel.

    It requires a litlle research and a lot of elbow grease. THe 1st post that said, 'it would costs hundreds of thousands of dollars', baloney. But few of us actually have the wrenching skill to make it work, and look good.

    I don't want to discourage you.

    W's new energy bill is giving tax credits to hybrid automobile owners, so there is further incentive.

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    Sutpid Question #108: Convert to hybrid?

    not an engineer or anything but just wondering if my idea has merit.

    Electric mopeds and scooters often make use of wheel hub motors which are apparently highly efficient. Wouldnt it be possible to put hub motors, or simply place an in line electric motor, on each of the front wheels. Replace the alternator with a high amperage unit and these front wheel motors could provide a substantial amount of thrust lowering fuel consumption. The systems doesnt need batteries but if you want to be able to use your vehicle in all electric mode some batteries and control circuits and it may be possible? seems to me once the starter battery is charged up again most of the alternator capacity is just being waste, why not put it back to work?

    battery only is purely speculation, but electric front wheel assist could be as simple as swapping your front wheels and a new alternator ie. a few hours and only a few thousand dollars (aprox $2000).

    any probs i cant see?

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    Sutpid Question #108: Convert to hybrid?

    You would still need to upgrade the batteries because whatever electricity you drain from the alternator comes as resistance to the engine trying to spin it, and unfortunately nothing is 100% efficient.

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    Sutpid Question #108: Convert to hybrid?

    I have been considering designing and building a hybrid myself. I have a firebird that I just can't part with. I would convert it to fully electric except for the range problems. What I was thinking was building an electric vehicle with a small motor for the sole purpose of charging the battery system. At cruising speed an EV only uses about 40 KW of power, so I think it might work. Also, a gas engine is very efficient if run at a high constant RPM while an electic motor is very efficient at lower rpm. So, by running both motors at their peak efficiency, you should be able to increase gas mileage. Also, if you added a charging capability to the battery system, you wouldn't need the gas engine except on long trips when your batteries completely discharged. If anyone is interested, I am willing to collaborate on designe ideas. I am a software engineer, so I may be able to offer assistance in designing/programming the electronics.

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    Sutpid Question #108: Convert to hybrid?

    Re: Hybrid gas electric scooter
    Posted this at another forum but the thread was old and never got a reply, thought this seemed a promising thread to try again on.

    I really want to get away from the car because for so much of my commuting it just seems excessive. The australian government in all their infinite wisdom put a blanket ban on any electric powered bike or scooter with more than 200 watt motors. I used to ride almost everywhere i went in Melbourne, but ive moved to Hobart which is a lot hillier. Im seriously considering an electric scooter/moped. One of the great things is here in tassie over 90% of our electricity is renewable (hydro + Wind). There is one thing i wouldnt mind some advice on. My (small) problem with electric scooter/mopeds is that for the couple of longer trips i do a year they dont really yet provide much range. Ive been mulling over the possibility of getting a very small generator and adapting it so for longer trips it snaps on in place of the luggage box behind the driver. this could then be coupled with the batteries and act as a range extender? kind of a plug in hybrid scooter if you will. Your advice is greatly appreciated.

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    Sutpid Question #108: Convert to hybrid?

    sorry its not a ban, its just that any electric "bike" with under 200 watts power does not need to be registered. Over 200 needs to be registered as a motorbike and can only be ridden with a motorbike license. For me this isnt a deal breaker as im considering a gas moped anyay. But this change has seriously impacted the market for electric assist transport in australia. it was a knee jerk reaction to a glut of poweful harley mini "monkey" bikes last christmas that were causing many problems on the road. legitimate electric bike dealers just get the blow on effect, however with our gas pices here now equating to something over $4 a gallon im sure the demand will be there soon and sensible regulation will hopefully follow.

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    Sutpid Question #108: Convert to hybrid?

    I have thought about using a golf cart motor or an etek and an electric clutch to ad power at the tranny end of the driveshaft on my Chevy Tracker. It would save gas while accelerating and allow me to creep forward in stop and go traffic without using the clutch.

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    Sutpid Question #108: Convert to hybrid?

    David Arthur built a hybrid in the 70's using the starter motor from a jet. In 1993 he built a diesl version using a 9 hp diesel. Got great milage, parts cost $1500 to $2000 depending on how well you srcounged. All this is availiable at Mother Earth news. Others have bought his plans and built hybrids. Plans are $25 at MOE, but they are for the 1970 ish version not the diesel. I'm looking for newer plans and that's how I googled here.

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    Sutpid Question #108: Convert to hybrid?

    There is also the possibility of attaching an electrical charging system on the PTO gear of most modern trucks and possibly some older models.
    The electrical charging system could energize a bank of new lithiumion batteries which are more efficient, much lighter and soon very possibly much less expensive than the specialized lithiumions for computers at this point.
    It would then require a system that enabled your ignition,powersteering, etc to function under the electrical add on system as well as electric motors connected to the specified wheels.
    There has also been experimentation on series cylindering firing. It requires a computer source (possibly a laptop connected to the electrical distribution in lue of a mass manufactured system) to control the firing of the cylinders so that a vehicle only used the series of cylinders required for a range of RPM useage, i.e. 2 cylinders firing for startup, idyl and slow acceleration, then 4 for lower to higher speeds depending on engine size, 6 for mid to higher range, etc.
    Anything is possible and the facts are, we have millions of cars on the road. We need solutions for these vehicles. Not everyone can afford a 20 thousand dollar plus vehicle, especially those that can barely afford the horrendous gas prices that will only get worse.
    Other options are the bio-diesel as most of you are familiar with. There is also the possibility in the near future of a bio-gasoline, one possible configuration is of a a pure ethanol mixed with a configuration of bio-diesel so that the surface tension will allow not only combustion but decent milage as well. Ethanol and alchohol type combustables allow for hot fast burn, but does not allow for long term burn, but the addition of a "solvent" that lubricates engine seals/gaskets would also allow longer burning times.
    This primise is shown on an elementary level at the gas station when a knowledgable driver that pulls into a station with no diesel simply fills his tank with gas and as he does so adds a couple of quarts of oil for librication and firing consistancy. In an emergency this works.
    So, in a similar situation experiments are being conducted with the above mentioned environmentally responsible combustibles and the possible additions of bio solvents for proper burn and lubrication.
    We are the innovators. Anyone that can imagine can create.
    We have come to believe we have to wait for someone else to do the work and then pay THEM for their ideas.
    Anyone can invent.

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