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    Is Energy Independence Politically Safe?

    This site plus numerous others show that the technologies exist to ease our dependence on foreign oil but what we (the US) lack is the political will to make this happen. Is this a result of our people not seeing or believing there is a problem or just too much inertia around the status quo.

    We've recently launched a web site ( and will start informational advertising to to the American public in an attempt bring this issue center stage. Our goal is to garner enough names on a National Petition in order to make supporting Energy Independence - politically safe.

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    Is Energy Independence Politically Safe?

    it's political inertia, but mainly basic cash inertia involving the key people working to flow energy into the country. they don't want their own cash flow to stop. "follow the cash" is that old saying. it's a true statement to understand why things work they way they do. it's a big lobby group!

    imagine the impact to the country if ALL energy imports stopped? that involves alot of people...

    it's like trying to put an end to income tax in favor of maybe a national sales tax. that throws A LOT of accountants out of business along with the IRS. certainly a huge negative impact!

    ~ as much as i'd like to see us more independant.

    see ya

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    Is Energy Independence Politically Safe?

    Terrific site, Chris, and bravo to you for taking the initiative and setting up your website and public awareness campaign. I truly believe that many Americans still don't comprehend how dependent we are on foreign oil supplies, and how close we are to a major worldwide oil crisis.

    I think it helps that you're a self proclaimed Republican-leaning guy; saying that alternative energy is not just about politics, but about sustainability and good stewardship! So many conservative folks tune out when Democrats begin lecturing on alternative energy. I believe it's going to take this "regular guy driving a Prius and installing a solar panel on his home" mentality for people to see this is an issue for all Americans...across political, economic and religious lines.

    I'll be signing your petition and reading more from your site in the future. (As an alternative energy aside, I'm in the middle of John Perkins' "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man." A fascinating read about the oil industry, the World Bank and MAIN, and how Perkin's left this world to begin an alternative energy company and tell the truth about U.S. "corporatocracy." Great book.)

    Best to you!

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    Is Energy Independence Politically Safe?

    Great article on pluggable HEV!

    Very insightful - a must read.

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