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    Gloom and Doom

    Just when you thought it might be safe to go to the gas station - check this out!


    However you do the numbers, $100 a barrel adds a while new factor to the equation of car buying - and probably pushes things to the point where you have to be luxury-driven to buy anything other than a hybrid - since the difference in gas cost per month is like having two car payments instead of one! (e.g. difference between 20-ish mpg to 40-ish mpg @ $5 per gallon on 100 gallons a month).

    Then there is the national debit and what we owe for the escapade into Iraq - http://costofwar.com

    Right now it looks like the government might soon have to pay car manufacturers to mandatory install hybrid equipment in all cars, and you would have to pay extra to *not* have it!

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    Gloom and Doom

    Bush has set us back from progress till I don't think we'll ever recover. Holding hands with the Saudi Prince while his spokesperson told us that they could pump more oil but we couldn't refine it. The topic was lowering gas prices for our economy. If the supplies go up, the price drops.

    The only thing that Hybrid cars will ever do is save a little on polution. If we stop burning as much fuel, these idiots will just raise the price.

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    Gloom and Doom

    One wonders just how much this is a case of "what the market will bear", rather than supply and demand. Certainly local pricing reflects this in the neighborhoods - just see http://marylandgasprices.com for an example - $0.45 difference on pricing depending on if you live in the city or out in the boonies - or should that be bushes?

    Notice everyone buying hybrids lives in high commuter areas, and those living elsewhere buy trucks and vote accordingly! Could there be a connection here? Surely some mishtake here...

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