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    Sunroof on a hybrid

    '06 Ford Escape Hybrid includes an optional sunroof for $585 MSRP. Got one and love it (my first vehicle to have a sunroof).

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    Sunroof on a hybrid

    Attention Honda: Waiting to purchase Civic Hybrid till it is offered with a sunroof

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    Sunroof on a hybrid

    I wasn't aware that they do not come with sun roofs... yet another reason I cannot get a hybrid as soon as I would like.

    I require:
    1. sunroof
    2. 5-speed manual transmission
    3. hp of 140 or more

    Dammit dammit dammit....

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    Sunroof on a hybrid


    Don't underestimate the horsepower of a hybrid - they're a different kind of beast altogether. A hybrid can have better performance than a pure gasoline engine even if it's rated horsepower is lower.

    Remember, an ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) like a traditional gasoline engine, only produces the maximum horsepower at a certain engine speed (RPM's) while an electric motor can produce its maximum horsepower at nearly any speed up to a point. Therefore, the traditional HP ratings don't apply to the performance of a hybrid since much of the acceleration performance is handled by the electric motor, not the ICE. The '06 HCH is rated at:

    - 110 hp at 6000 RPM for the ICE
    - 20 hp from 0 - max RPM

    What this really means is that when the car is starting from a stop and the engine is running slowly, you only really are getting maybe 10 or 15 hp from the ICE while the electric is providing 20 hp for a total of maybe 30 to 35 total hp. A 140 hp pure gasoline ICE may only be producing 15 or 20 hp when starting up.

    Your effective performance then while accelerating will probably be better with the hybrid even though it looks like it only has 110 + 20 = 130 hp.

    Your concern about a manual transmission is interesting as well. My wife drives the '03 HCH purely because is it the only hybrid 5 seater with a manual transmission so I understand your concern. From a technical perspective, hybrids really shouldn't even have a transmission since the electric motor can be designed to obviate the transmission - but that would put the transmission division out of work so it isn't likely to wind a design at a car company. However, the electric drive does enable the "'holy grail' of the transmission engineer - the CVT to work well so in trade for putting in the electric motor, the cost seems to have been to allow the transmission divisions to put in their pet project.

    I'm afraid that we'll probably never see another hybrid with a manual transmission and the old HCH and Insight don't have sunroofs.

    You might want to consider restructuring your requirements or you won't be able to take advantage of some awesome automotive advances. The pure electric super-cars don't have any transmission and they can accelerate faster than nearly all other supercars including Viper, Ferari, Lamborghini, etc (http://www.pluginamerica.com/media/Wrightspeed.wmv), (http://www.venturi.fr).

    There is, of course, no excuse for not offering a sunroof however.

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    Sunroof on a hybrid

    I was looking into getting us a Prius as a second car but the "No Sunroof" option was an instantanious deal killer.

    After market sunroofs are not well designed and are notorius for leaks.

    I don't use the AC on my current car... just the sunroof.
    If sunroofs are not included because they create a drag then they should eliminate the door windows as well.

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    Sunroof on a hybrid

    We just bought a Prius. It had no sunroof wich bothered me very much so I hired a man who said he knew how to install them that I met at Starbucks. When I went to pick up our new #8 Prius I discovered that Jeb, the installer, had used a saw-zaw/ hack saw to cut an irregularly sqare hole in the roof and used some type of epoxy or silicone to install a flexible piece of plexiglass on the roof which will not open.

    I just about lost my lunch when I saw this.

    Now after driving our new Prius for a couple of months, scratches have built up and the sun has caused it ot turn somewhat yellow now as well as it tends to sag in the middle. In the summer I have a stick braced on the floor to the sunroof to hold the sagging plexiglass up. (My wife hates this part but I don't care.)

    My wife is angry over what I did to the car and especially the fact that the shape of the sunroof hole is somewhat of a jagged trapazoid shape.

    My Question to Toyota... On such a popular car, why would you not ad something that most sun loving people like... a SUNROOF?!?!

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    Sunroof on a hybrid

    I'm a Prius owner. I love my Prius. Yea, I would have loved a sunroof. But I've learned to make do with out it. When I drive to work and feel the need for that sun and wind in my hair I just stick my head out the window! (This was suggested to me by the dealer) It feels good and is easy to do. I sometimes find myself driving the whole way to work with my head out the window!

    Until Toyota ads the sunroof option, just remember, for every problem there is a solution!

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    Sunroof on a hybrid

    I have heard from plant workers that the 2007 Prius model will will feature a double panel/length Sunroof option under options #7, #8, and a new #9 option plan. So if you absolutely need that sunroof you may hold out for the 2007 Prius with a sunroof.

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    Sunroof on a hybrid

    Yes, Sunroofs are on the near horizon as well as newly updated Lithium Ion batteries possibly in '08.

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    Sunroof on a hybrid

    While driving the insane roads of LA today, I spotted a STRETCHED PRIUS limo! How many batteries I wondered does it take to power a Prius limo.

    Now thats electric, eclectic luxury!
    Oh those envirementalist movie stars!

    Oh... and of course, yes it had a sunroof.

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