// Hybrid Element??
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    Hybrid Element??

    hey i was just wondering if anybody knew if Honda had any plans for a hybrid version of the Element? I really like that car but I want to get a hybrid. thanks

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    Hybrid Element??

    There would not be a better car to have a hybrid in! But i would prefer if they put a new rail diesel in the element!

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    Hybrid Element??

    Honda is suppose to be coming out with a Hybrid Element in about 6 months, but the price will suffer. About $36K and will only improve milage by about 7 per gallon

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    I spotted an orange Honda

    I spotted an orange Honda "Element" sporting a different model name and a "hybrid" label in an industrial parking lot in Santa Clara, CA about 6-8 weeks ago (June or July). Forgot that my phone had a camera or I'd post a picture, but it looked just like an Element.

    Also, consider that the 7mpg improvement (mentioned above) translates to a larger gas savings in a vehicle in this class than it does in a vehicle that already gets better mileage. Example: a 7mpg improvement to a 25mpg vehicle will save about 1 gal per 100 miles. In comparison, it will require a 17 mpg improvement to a 33mpg vehicle and a 50 mpg improvement to vehicle already getting 50 mpg to save as much. Viewed this way, if you really need this large a car a 7mpg improvement is good.

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    Still waiting for a Hybrid

    Still waiting for a Hybrid Element...

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    i am holding off buying a

    i am holding off buying a new vehicle because i am waiting for a honda element hybrid. i hope it wil come soonest and with no significant change in price.

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    When will the Honda Element

    When will the Honda Element come out with a hybrid package or electric retrofit kit? We love our 2010 AWD but want to hold onto it and develop it into a hybrid or electric. We want to ride it till it literally falls apart, if that is even possible. They seem indestructible. Please, please, tell us that Honda has plans to do either or both. Please, please. When and how much?

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    Most of the cars of Honda are now hybrid, you can visit there online store to make this thing sure.

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    Honda Element

    Well the Honda Element a powerful vehicle with its 2.4 Liter engine. I guess making it hybrid would require taking away some of that, to come out with a lesser capacity engine.

    Why not go for some other Hybrids which are already available in market??

    example: Mazda Tribute hybrid, Chevrolet Equinox hybrid etc

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