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    We have driven the Sienna.

    We have driven the Sienna. We would have boughten a fully load version if a Hybred was avaialbe.

    My motive is to have someone fabricate a small bed that would mount into the floor the same way the seats do. My wilfe has limited ability to sit in car seat for a long period, and a bed she could move in and out of would be ideal. We are more than willing to pay 40 to 45K to get what we need in a Hybred.

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    These Honda or Toyota minivan launched new models after every two years, and i hope we will see this time a big change in there designs.

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    Toyota have made Prius and I personally waiting Honda do the same way
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    I think the hybrid minivan are good and there performance is fantastic and now I am thinking to buy one.

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    I'll stick to threads main question. As with the availability of minivans in us or in any state does depends at shipment. I hope you got your interested minivan as soon as possible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by peetergaaylee View Post
    I think the hybrid Airwheel S3 are good and there performance is fantastic and now I am thinking to buy one.
    My cousin has one and he really likes it. It does have some surprising power off the line which is always nice! Definitely recommend if you are still thinking of getting one.
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    Hey Guys, can you please help out my MBA class by taking this 6-8 min survey. The survey aims to measure U.S. consumers airwheel q3 unicycle awareness and preferences for alternative fuel vehicles. Your answers will be anonymous and confidential. Thank you!

    Yeah no problem, always happy to help a fellow student!
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