WE WASTE SO MUCH! I think an important point needs to be made here on driving habits. I can only speak about Americans because this is where I drive. Since I ordered my Escape Hybrid and started reading about them, I made a major change in my driving habits.

People own SUV's for different reasons just like people who own fast sports cars, Vans, trucks and small cars. Money, image, noise, repair, fuel, use and many other reasons are why they select a certain vehicle.

Look around, most Americans are living in the fast lane. If the stress or car accidents don't kill us, the pollution will.

"REALITY CHECK - HYBRIDS, FUEL EFFICIENCY" A good title. For me, I had a real reality check on why I was spending so much money on gas. It was my driving habits. I took off fast at lights and was fighting to stay in front of the slow pokes that would delay my time on the road. Time was my enemy on the road.

My Hybrid has changed my driving habits. Best therapy anyone could give someone with bad driving habits. When I drive now, I see the madness on the road. I was that madness and wasted gas and polluted to the hilt. No more, I now get better MPG than the EPA ratings.

Hybrids are addicting and good for everyone till something better comes along.