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    Diesel vs. Hybrid: A Point Missed

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    Diesel vs. Hybrid: A Point Missed

    Steve...you probably would change your mind
    about carrying gasoline in your tank rather than
    diesel if you are trapped while waiting for
    the firemen.


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    Diesel vs. Hybrid: A Point Missed

    Diesel fuel & diesel fuel vapors/fumes are not very benign either.

    Here are some links to check out:
    "Tests of flame-arrester devices on diesel fuel equipment tanks show that all concerns about fires and explosions from ethanol-diesel ("e-diesel") blends have yet to be resolved"

    "Employees suffered serious burns when the diesel tanks they were repairing exploded. The person carrying out the repair suffered the full force of the explosion and the fire-ball resulted in extensive burns. A welder received serious burn injuries when patch-welding a diesel tank from a bus.

    "In a general fire diesel fuel can vaporise to form an explosive vapour mixture. If any diesel fuel was leaking from a vehicle, this could be lead to a potential explosion"

    "Runaway Diesel Engine Leads to Engine Compartment Fire"

    "One of the most frightening phenomenon for operators of diesel engines is the crankcase explosion. A fire can very well start inside the crankcase of a diesel engine"

    "A truck struck a bridge with some type of explosion. (Fire fighters)worked about an hour and a half to put out the blaze and soak up spilled diesel fuel. The truck was engulfed in flames when firefighters arrived"

    I can see why VW owners might be worried about fires:
    "I parked it in my garage and it started on fire"
    "VW Passat with only 25,000 miles caught fire while parked in my driveway"
    "Ypon opening the hood he discovered flames on the engine block. The car was completely engulfed in flames within minutes"

    Last summer we had a semi-truck jack knife at a crowded exit on I-85a going into Atlanta, right at the exit I usually take. It turned onto its side crushing & trapping a couple of cars underneath the trailer. A fire started on the cab from leaking diesel fuel and spread to the trailer and several people died.

    You don't have to sell me that diesel fuel is safer than gasoline regarding fires. It's fact but diesel drivers aren't immune either.
    I consider it a non-issue.

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    Diesel vs. Hybrid: A Point Missed

    Now it is bordering nonsense. The articles you refer
    to is fumes inside an empty diesel tank.
    Another article is about gasoline VWs.
    Then about trucks on fire. Not all trucks run on diesel and some fires start in the cargo and if it
    is hot enough it will eventually burn the diesel in the tank, but not for a while unlike gasoline.
    One of the articles describes the safety of E-diesel
    which is caused by the ethanol.
    Did you ever read the the links about the chemistry
    of gas versus diesel talking about flashpoints of
    those fuels?
    Are there cases when the diesel fuel can ignite and
    burn from a ruptured tank or fuel line? Yes, but
    highly unlikely and if so the fire will have to originate from another fire source.
    A ruptured gasoline tank fire can be set off with a tiny spark.
    When someone holds up a book and someone
    says that is not a book, but a set of keys then
    it might be time to quit and just walk away.

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    Diesel vs. Hybrid: A Point Missed

    Steve...did u know a fire in the engine compartment can be extinguished by pouring
    diesel fuel on it.
    Try it. Put some gasoline in a can then light it.
    Next step pour generous amonts of diesel on
    top and you stopped a fire.
    Now try to reverse it. U will need a wick to make
    the disel even burn. Then I would like you to
    throw a generous amount of gasoline on top.
    I warn you though. Wear a fire proof suit and
    jump back. Isnt this very easy to understand?

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    Diesel vs. Hybrid: A Point Missed

    Bjorn I guess somehow you've missed several of my comments that I agree gasoline is more dangerous than diesel fuel or kerosene.

    Exploding gasoline fueled autos are not epidemic.
    Yes, it can happen.
    It is not something to loose sleep over.
    At least not me and 95% of other drivers.

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    Diesel vs. Hybrid: A Point Missed

    Ok Steve so now u represent 95% of the drivers!!
    I am sure you have a link proving that too.
    It is defintely an issue since making cars safer
    and crashes more survivable is on the automakers
    mind these days in case you havent noticed.
    I intend to keep writing on this site, but I have
    no intention to discuss with some one who labels
    others opinons as "non issue"

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    Diesel vs. Hybrid: A Point Missed

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    Diesel vs. Hybrid: A Point Missed

    I wrote:
    "It is not something to loose sleep over.
    At least not me and 95% of other drivers"

    It was not meant to be a personal insult.

    There may be a very small number people who lay awake at night and loose sleep for fear that they could die in a firey crash tomorrow morning but I do not. You probably don't either...you burn diesel which has lower chance of fire.

    You wrote:
    "No intention to discuss with some one who labels
    others opinons as "non issue"

    Thanks. Frankly I don't know why this continues.
    In the last 20 years or so I drove a 1965 Chev Biscayne, '65 Pont Catlaina, '59 Olds 98, '69 Ply Fury III (etc).
    Almost all other vehicles around me had ABS, Airbags and all the latest safety features.
    I still loved to drive those cars because I enjoyed them.
    No lost sleep because the lack of safety devices. It just wasn't an issue for myself.


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    Diesel vs. Hybrid: A Point Missed

    So can we all start pushing for Diesel Hybrid SULEVs running on B100 and end this debate yet?

    Yes Diesel emissions can be bad but biodiesel eliminates most of that:


    Its not necessarily a good thing to have all of these large batteries either though:


    So lets start pushing for hyrdaulic hybrids:


    Lets add heat recapturing in there for good measure also:


    Isn't this really what we should all be after instead of arguing over whether diesel or hybrids are better?

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