Ok, everybody knows about the big debate between diesel and hybrid technology. Some may argue that diesel technology is better because it's just as fuel efficient and a cheaper technology to implement. Some may argue that hybrid technology is better because its very fuel efficient, and is much better for the environment.

There are a thousand other arguments, for and against, both technologies.

Here's an argument that I feel might have been overlooked against the diesel camp.

Diesel fuel is one of the simplest of the fuels to refine. Simple = cheap. If we think about this from a financial perspective, OPEC is charging us the same amount of money, no matter whether gasoline, or diesel, or kerosene, or jet fuel, or parts cleaner is made out of it. They don't care what it gets turned into. So wouldn't OPEC be making more money off of diesel fuel than from gasoline?

There are political rammifications there, because some have argued that some of the OPEC countries are funding terrorists in some way, shape, or form. (Even Pres. Bush has been accused of funding terrorism in this respect...Bush is a proponent for "Big Oil," Big Oil is in turn buying oil from OPEC countries, etc, etc.)

I could be wrong, and I'm open to being corrected, but if OPEC is making more profit from diesel fuel than from gasoline, and it's even REMOTELY possible that even ONE of the oil-producing and exporting countries is funding terrorism in ANY kind of way, wouldn't that be reason enough to give up diesel fuel?