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    People who don't appreciate

    People who don't appreciate the 1982 Honda Civic 1300 FE did not own one - it was a great car. Mine ran for 200,000 miles and over 15 years (including 3 wrecks by my wife and someone who borrowed it).

    It would easily do 75-80 on the interstate. My calculations showed that I was getting 50mpg for interstate driving. It rode very well, very quiet in its first 5 years of life. Being a hatchback, it was very versatile. I never felt like it was underpowered - it had a five speed manual transmission and it was fun to drive. Plus the original set of tires were still good at 40,000 miles (Bridgestones) - this model had a nice interior with (for me) a fancy accessory - a digital clock. It cost $7500 - I regret ever lettin it go but the last wreck qualified as a "total" and even though I had it fixed it was never quite the same. BUT at 200,000 miles and 15 years of use/abuse, it never got less than 35 mpg. The Honda Fit seems to be the closest thing you can get to this great old Honda model now. This is the only car I have ever loved.

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    I bought an '82 civic

    I bought an '82 civic wagovan in 2001. It had 104,000 miles on it, cracked paint and no rust. My father-in-law couldn't believe I would spend $1500 on a car like that. I spent $100 on a can of paint and started driving. I sold it last summer with 220,000 miles on it. Still running and driving well.
    I want another one soooooooooo bad!
    Mine was the heavier wagon with the larger engine. When I sold it, the gas mileage had decreased all the way to 28 miles per gallon mixed driving. My 1998 Volvo sedan is getting about 19 mpg doing the same job. Anyone want to trade a their '82 civic for my '98 volvo S70?

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    I had one of these and it

    I had one of these and it was cool if you didn't mind not going anywhere. The mileage was awesome, but absolutely would NOT go above 75mph, and only that wilth pedal to floor on level road (I live in Kansas). We made the mistake of taking it on vacation to the mountains of Colorado--barely climbed the mountains. One thing people don't seem to remember or note is that the speed limit bach then was 55, and fuel efficient cars today simply must be able to apply go 80+ miles per hour, if for no other reason safety sake. There are times when you have to keep up with fast moving traffic, or presents safety hazzard. This car was fun though, and as I was in high school at the time kept me from getting too wild on the roads!

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    still interested in a 82

    still interested in a 82 Wagovan??

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    I found this thread after

    I found this thread after doing a google search on "Civic 1300FE".

    My family owned two, and without a doubt the best cars we ever owned. My parents had a 1982, ugly metallic brown, no A/C, and only a simple am/fm radio. Great car but they didn't keep it that long because we needed another car, and the Civic had better trade-in value than the other car (a buick which became my teenage car).

    Around 1988 I bought a used "Avignon Blue" 1983 1300FE. This one was downright luxurious compared to the 82. It had 101k miles, and I think I paid $2000. It had A/C, top of line (then) factory stereo, and a fine-working aftermarket cruise control. As was common with these cars, the interior upholstery was worn out. I had the seats recovered, for about $200, in a plush dark blue pleated fabric. It was downright swanky.

    My mileage city/hwy was in line with everything else that was claimed above (40's/50's). I didn't drive it "easy" thats for sure. My mileage also probably suffered because I had upgraded to wider and sportier tires, and had no clue about rolling resistance in those days.

    I traded it at 205k miles for a used 1991 Civic- which I hated. I feel that Hondas lost there specialness, and I've not owned one since (I've had 4 Mazdas however). I occasionally look for a used 1982/83 Civic, but they're quite scarce. Getting rid of mine was a big mistake- I should have kept it. If I could buy a new one today, I would in a heartbeat.

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    When I went to get my

    When I went to get my emmisions tested (mid 80s), the person testing the car told me that I had to turn my engine on and let it idle. It was on. The emmisions were so low the tester could not believe the car was running!!

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    I owned an 82 Honda Civic

    I owned an 82 Honda Civic Hatchback FE. I truly wish I kept that car. I didn't realize how geat that car was. Great gas mileage. The only two cars that year that got better gas mileage was Honda CRX FE and the VW Rabbit Diesel

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    Still use my 1983 Honda

    Still use my 1983 Honda Civic FE.

    Road tested summer 2009 and recorded 62 mpg (imp) - rated at 72 mpg.

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    My 82 Civic FE 5 speed could

    My 82 Civic FE 5 speed could light the tires in first and chirp in second so the power to weight ratio was just fine. I drove many times from Boston to Buffalo at 75 mph on one tank of gas. That's a ten gallon tank and just over 500 miles. That was with two adults, two children one of which was an infant so we had all the paraphernalia like porta-crib, high-chair, formula, diapers...... Lets just say we loaded the car to the max. Very few, if any cars of that era were as safe as today's cars but it was a very safe car for the time. The emissions where quite good for it's day and I never had a single problem with the car in 180K miles. Yes it was naturally aspirated engine but so what if it worked. The fact is this, fuel injection has many, many more components than a carburetor and all of them require manufacturing. Take a complete FI system out and place it on a bench next to a carburetor. Don't forget the fuel rails, fuel pump and all the sensors. All those FI components have to be manufactured someplace and all that manufacturing uses energy and pollutes.

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    I acquired a 1983 Civic FE

    I acquired a 1983 Civic FE about five years ago and am slowly getting ready to restore it to its former glory. Currently, it has a 1981 engine but the original engine is being made ready. I have driven this car on and off over the past four years and it has no problem going in excess of 90mph and rendering mpg in the mid forties.

    Like all Civics of its era, it holds the road like glue. Those that post negative comments about this generation simply don't know what they're talking about.

    My hobby in retirement is playing with various Generation II Civics and currently I am driving an '82 Civic DX 1500 automatic that gets about 35mpg in mixed driving. It too handles like a dream and doesn't wait for anyone...

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