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    Civic was curburated?

    Civic was curburated? ...

    you obviously do not know what you are talking about and are just voicing your opinion based on google search results.

    My 82 hatch is incredibly safe, and its "curburated engine" gets 35mpg in town and about 40mpg on the highway. Also has no problem doing 55 or 70.. so please do us a favor GTFO

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    I also had an 82 civic

    I also had an 82 civic 1300FE. It was a great car! 3 door hatchback, 5-speed that was butter smooth, really quick and nimble. Averaged 45 mpg on the highway and about 38 combined city/highway. I probably could have gotten better mileage but I have a heavy foot. It was not unsafe in any way! And by the way, the way they rate horsepower today is techobabble BS! That 67 horsepower was actual rubber on the road horsepower. You try to rate any 300 hp vehicle today at the old standards and they'd flop in at about 135!

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    My '83 FE is my next major

    My '83 FE is my next major project which will include a rebuilt engine, interior and paint. It is definitely a fun car to drive beats my '82 Civic auto in handling. I assume this is due to the fact that the 1300 engine is aluminum vs cast iron for the 1500.

    If only they made cars like this today...

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    Yeah I had an 83 1300 fe

    Yeah I had an 83 1300 fe civic... it got 46 mpg. that was average!!! I never could drive it far enough on the freeway to burn off a full tank of gas LOL... went all the way from TN. to ft. lauderdale fla on less than a full tank!!! or at least thats how I remember it. LOL

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    admittedly there was

    admittedly there was probably more pollution ... but the 67 hp was plenty enough .. i had one in 86 so it was low milage... the carb as I remember had an insane vacuum tree on it and was a progressive linkage 2bbl ... there was plenty of power.. I drove that thing at 100 mph on the freeway regularly and there was no lack of power.. it got there in a hurry... and still got an avr. of 46 mpg.

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    I still own my 1982 Civic

    I still own my 1982 Civic that I purchased brand new. I live in California and have to get emissions tested every two years. There have been a couple of occasions where I had to do some repairs to bring the car within standards, but to rebuke your comment on pollution, my car still passes with lower emissions than many of the fuel injected cars that are ten or less years old. I regularly get 35 MPG and that's at an average of 65 MPH during my commute to work (40 miles each way). I've managed to get in the 40s for MPG if I baby it and do not exceed 60. I've been told that people with Prius hybrids get similar in the winter because the engine runs periodically to stay warm (no data to confirm).

    I think the original point is extremely valid and there is no excuse for fuel economy not to have improved by now without sacrificing safety and a reasonable amount of performance. As far as hyrids are concerned, how much safety is sacrificed in lighter materials to make up for the extra weight of the batteries? My car has no problem reaching 80MPH (when I test drove it the salesman had me doing that in 3rd gear) and that's with the A/C running. I admit I would feel better if it had airbags, but other than that, I like the low registration and insurance costs, no car payment, and being able to fill up only once per week (it used to cost less than $10).

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    Oh yes... The notorious EPA

    Oh yes... The notorious EPA inspired 3bbl carb is a nightmare. I'm about to have one sent out to the rebuilder and also will be converting my daily driver to a Webber.

    Regarding the vacuum lines, should one need to remove the head, simply unplug all of the control boxes, disconnect the four or five main vacuum feeds lift the head of complete with intake, carb and vacuum tree intact. This greatly simplifies reinstallation.

    Of course, if you convert to a Webber, the whole vacuum issue goes away!

    And yes, the FE will easily do over 100mph. I did so on a trip to Houston and still got nearly 50mpg and that was with an '81 engine...


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