People who don't appreciate the 1982 Honda Civic 1300 FE did not own one - it was a great car. Mine ran for 200,000 miles and over 15 years (including 3 wrecks by my wife and someone who borrowed it).

It would easily do 75-80 on the interstate. My calculations showed that I was getting 50mpg for interstate driving. It rode very well, very quiet in its first 5 years of life. Being a hatchback, it was very versatile. I never felt like it was underpowered - it had a five speed manual transmission and it was fun to drive. Plus the original set of tires were still good at 40,000 miles (Bridgestones) - this model had a nice interior with (for me) a fancy accessory - a digital clock. It cost $7500 - I regret ever lettin it go but the last wreck qualified as a "total" and even though I had it fixed it was never quite the same. BUT at 200,000 miles and 15 years of use/abuse, it never got less than 35 mpg. The Honda Fit seems to be the closest thing you can get to this great old Honda model now. This is the only car I have ever loved.