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    More Mileage Stories

    I just visited the "Mileage Stories" on this web site, and I thought I'd start a thread with some of our other stories.

    I see a lot of posts regarding folks who are having trouble getting the mileage numbers they expect. While I understand and feel for those folks, I thought I'd post my experience, which is about the same as the EPA numbers, without having to make any real significant driving style changes.

    I have a 2005 HCH with CVT. I live in northern California, where the temperatures are relatively moderate. I tend to drive within 5 mph over the posted speed limit. I also by nature don't tend to zip in and out of traffic a lot, except when passing is desirable.

    My city mileage on my short 6 mile commute is around 42-44 mpg, which is lower than the EPA number, most likely due to the shortness of the trip, and the fact that I basically start the car, go through about ten traffic lights, and arrive at work.

    My highway mileage on three significant trips, at about 65-70 mph, has averaged 49-52 mpg, which is greater than the EPA number.

    I have two friends who have since purchased HCH's after my glowing reviews of my own car :-) . One of these friends, with the manual transmission, has taken a couple long trips. On one trip from LA to Sacramento, due to traffic, he had to travel around 60 mph, and he got over 55 mpg. On a couple other trips to San Luis Obispo, traveling between 66 and 70 mph, he got 53 and 52 mpg.

    I relate these stories for two reasons:

    + So those of you who have to endure harsh winters will have hope for better mileage in spring, summer, and fall.
    + So those of you who are here investigating hybrids will hear from a few of us who aren't posting because of issues, but who are getting mileage approximately equal -- in some cases better -- than the EPA estimates.

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    More Mileage Stories

    I'm getting 53 mpg in city at 100 miles with a 03 HCH CVT. I just had a oil change, but I'm missing my oil change cover. I may be able to beat that. I'll tell you what, I drive like a turtle. My finance has started taking note and I don't think she's too happy with it.

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    More Mileage Stories


    I also live in northern California. I recently bought a used 2003 Civic Hybrid with CVT, and my mileage figures are very consistent with yours. My first road trip was from Oakland to Sacramento and back, and I averaged 50 mpg. That was mostly cruising around 70, using cruise control, but including the usual congestion getting out of the Bay Area, and a bit of city driving at both ends. My daily city commuting has been ranging in the mid-40s. Iím quite satisfied with these mileage numbers.

    Iím also very impressed with the overall quality of the HCH. The smooth, quiet operation of this car often gives it the feel of a larger sedan. Of course I may be easily impressed, since the car this one replaces was my trusty 1987 Civic. That car gave me over 209,000 miles of dependable service. I expect that my Hybrid will similarly give me years of good solid performance.

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    More Mileage Stories

    I've also been very pleased with the mileage I'm getting--it's just as promised. I have a '05 Civic Hybrid with CVT with 7,000 miles on it. I've logged every tank and my lifetime mpg is just under 47 (46.8 to be exact). That's for a wide range of driving conditions and speeds.

    This car has been everything I hoped for and more. My wife's car is due to be replaced soon, and she plans on getting a hybrid too. Saving gas and polluting less is just too cool.

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    More Mileage Stories

    Bird posted:
    "My trusty 1987 Civic. That car gave me over 209,000 miles of dependable service"
    That's re-assuring since I try to keep my cars for 10 years. I'm doing 30K a year, so after 10 years I'll have about 300K.

    My MPG have been more than I could ever hope for or imagine. I've refined my driving and averaged almost 60MPG over the last 13 months. My last car got 16-18MPG and have saved about $5,000 in fuel savings alone. My wife just drives "plain normal" and still gets 45-50MPG. My SUV driving friends just say "Shuuuuut - uuuuup!"

    Our other is a 2001 Grand Caravan 19MPG pig. We'll likely toss it early in exchange for a hybrid the moment we're not upside down in the loan.
    Or escavate the back yard, bury it for a storm shelter!

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