I just visited the "Mileage Stories" on this web site, and I thought I'd start a thread with some of our other stories.

I see a lot of posts regarding folks who are having trouble getting the mileage numbers they expect. While I understand and feel for those folks, I thought I'd post my experience, which is about the same as the EPA numbers, without having to make any real significant driving style changes.

I have a 2005 HCH with CVT. I live in northern California, where the temperatures are relatively moderate. I tend to drive within 5 mph over the posted speed limit. I also by nature don't tend to zip in and out of traffic a lot, except when passing is desirable.

My city mileage on my short 6 mile commute is around 42-44 mpg, which is lower than the EPA number, most likely due to the shortness of the trip, and the fact that I basically start the car, go through about ten traffic lights, and arrive at work.

My highway mileage on three significant trips, at about 65-70 mph, has averaged 49-52 mpg, which is greater than the EPA number.

I have two friends who have since purchased HCH's after my glowing reviews of my own car :-) . One of these friends, with the manual transmission, has taken a couple long trips. On one trip from LA to Sacramento, due to traffic, he had to travel around 60 mph, and he got over 55 mpg. On a couple other trips to San Luis Obispo, traveling between 66 and 70 mph, he got 53 and 52 mpg.

I relate these stories for two reasons:

+ So those of you who have to endure harsh winters will have hope for better mileage in spring, summer, and fall.
+ So those of you who are here investigating hybrids will hear from a few of us who aren't posting because of issues, but who are getting mileage approximately equal -- in some cases better -- than the EPA estimates.