Hi. I recently bought a used Honda Civic 2003 hybrid. I took it out around the block and when I got home and parked it the hybrid battery was very low (2 lines). I didnít think anything would happen and that Iíd be taking the car out again in a day or 2 but I ended up parking it for 6 days. When I started it up again the IMA light was on and wouldnít turn off. It wasnít on previously. I drove it around that day parked it with a full battery. And drove it around today and itís now parked with a full battery but the IMA light is still on.

My question is, did this happen because I left it parked for almost a week on an empty battery?

Also, does this mean I need to change the battery or will it fix itself?

Also how can I charge the battery without driving around. I tried driving around, battery was full but when I turned into my street to park it was almost empty again.