does anyone know how to tell which engine the civic has: the .3YCV- california, better emmision vs the .33A6 all state version from the VIV number??. the site says they're using 2 different engines- my dealer knows zippy-do-dah about this, and since I am in NY does offer california emmisions cars. they have a KL in the dealer list but it's not part of the VIN- does anyone know if it is part of the VIN.??? I have a deposit on a HCH thats due in, but I'd really like to make sure it's got the better emmisions (if I'm gonna do it, I'm gonna do it right) and not get stuck with a nj or ct car. as of now, we could only tell by a "pollution index" sticker on the window.
couldn't find a sticker under the hood (like honda says) and there wasn't anything on the new car window sticker either.
sorry this is so long! can't believe I had to edjicate the dealer!