Do you drive a hybrid car?

Do you support creating a new generation of clean cars is essential to clear the air and stopping harmful climate change?

Do you want to help support policies that would make that happen?

So do we! And our chance for action is approaching.

The state of Maryland is considering a Clean Cars bill (similar to that passed in California) which would help clean up smog, acid rain, and prevent climate change by requiring cars to be more efficient and less polluting. Not only will this protect the environment and public health, but it will save consumers money!

To build support for this important bill, the Chesapeake Climate Action Network (CCAN) is planning a clean car parade to highlight that the technology of the future is already here! This caravan will start in locations throughout the region, ending in Annapolis, where it will circle the capitol. Following the parade, we will hold a press conference. Our last parade featured 40 cars and generated great media and awareness in the region.

This time, we want to bring 100 clean cars to the capitol to show Maryland that clean cars are better for the environment as well as cool-looking. The parade will be on a Saturday or Sunday in late Feb or early March, but the exact date is still to-be-determined because we want it to coincide with the state public hearing on the bill.

If you have a hybrid and are interested in participating or helping out with this parade, please send me an email at [email protected]. Also, check us out on the web at

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