// anybody have an automatic transmision
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    anybody have an automatic transmision

    I can't drive a standard transmission and know that an automatic reduces fuel economy. Does anyone else have this challenege and do they own a hybrid with an auto transmission? I have diligently taken the city bus for 10 years and been real successful with ride sharing and hitch-hiking for out of town trips. Yes, I did say hitch-hiking, in Oregon its still totally legal,even on freeways. Thanks, Mike

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    anybody have an automatic transmision

    All of the Escape Hybrids are automatics. They are continuously variable transmissions, so you never feel a gear change. You won't even feel the difference when you are on electric power and then go to both gas engine and electric. Of course the goal is to be on electric power as much as possible.

    When you consider that you have all the benefits of an SUV with the fuel economy of an econobox, it's hard to beat the Escape Hybrid.

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    anybody have an automatic transmision

    Many (dare I say all?) production hybrid vehicles are offered with a manual transmission, as well as an automatic. USUALLY, the automatic transmissions are CVT transmissions, which are a little more efficient than standard hydraulic automatic transmissions.

    A pretty good explanation of a CVT can be found on this website.

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    anybody have an automatic transmision

    When I said all Ford Escape Hybrids are automatics, that's what they are. No manual, period. So don't dare say all are offered thus.

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    anybody have an automatic transmision

    ONLY Honda offers a manual transmisson in a current production hybrid. The Toyota and Ford "full hybrid" designs preclude using anything but a planetary gear power split device (a.k.a. eCVT).

    Furthermore, the CVT offered by Honda is a conventional CVT with a belt or chain driven pulley system, while the eCVT is a fully-meshed system which varies the speeds of the various components to change the effective gear ratio.

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