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    Very important info. Some

    Very important info.
    Some independent agency should do a study on it because people are falling asleep on the road and people can get hurt. Unfortunately only a few people left a contact info (registered)

    Car manufactures should take a notice of this and better shield high voltage wires.

    How about making a dedicated Hybrids / Electrical Cars with a larger front engine compartment and putting all the batteries in there? This way no wires has to go through the passenger area.
    By the way it should make a car safer because larger frontal compartment improves frontal crash rating.

    Anyway there are only a few people reporting about this kind of problem in 5 and a half years and there are 1.7 millions hybrids on the roads in the US. May be something wrong with these individual cars - for example something wrong with shielding or electronics start to act up and work not according to specification - different frequencies or something.

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    I have just bought a Toyota

    I have just bought a Toyota Prius T_Spirit and my wife as a passenger who is normally very well & healthy recently experienced a feeling of dizziness, weakness and the sound of other passenger voices in the car becoming distant as though she was passing out. She then began to hyperventilate. We took her to hospital, who initially thought she had symptoms of a stroke, but after a thorough examination all the results were 'normal'.

    Apart from the possible impact of electromagnetic fields etc generated by hybrid cars we wondered if a further contributory factor could be the dashboard display showing an image of the car with constantly moving wheels and arrows which could somehow have affected her balance etc? Has anyone experienced anything similar?

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    I believe everyone who has

    I believe everyone who has posted a complaint is valid. Although I do not own a hybrid car nor have i ridden in one, I am very sensitive to EMF. I can get these feelings and sensations from sitting under high tension power lines at a red light or getting too close to a television. EMF seriously affects my nervous system and the results are dizziness, yawning, irritability, limbs will fall asleep (circulation) and it does take a long time for these sensations to go away. After long or high exposure, that night or the next, I wake after falling asleep with the sensation that I am losing my ability to wake as if fighting not to fall in to coma or death.
    I do believe EMF is very serious for everyone but some of us are more sensitive than others to its effects.
    No Hybrid car for me please!

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    I just bought a 2010 Prius

    I just bought a 2010 Prius 10 days ago and every time I get in the car I feel a pain in right ear. I traded in a 2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser. I did not have this issue with the FJ. Has anyone else experieinced this problem? Arethe EMF's causing this? Help?

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    My boyfriend bought a vi

    My boyfriend bought a vi Toyota prius .since the first time I sat at passenger side I have severe headache plus nausea and earache.I told my boyfriend and other friends but no one believe me and neither feel the same .the noise of battery or I don't know engine ring my ears and it stays for weeks and more .did you find any solution to this .my boyfriend suggest me see dr.they thing there is sth wrong in me

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    I used to drive Insight one

    I used to drive Insight one year ago and I felt the same. I think you might feel it because of the electric cars noise( it is relevant to a toy plane or robot-mosquito)) it is very hard to explain but I am sure you know if you have ever sat in it. Therewith insight is very light, and takes off after 130 km/h. Everyone knows that light cars cause a travel sickness. And all those dashboards lights are more like sony play station

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    Quite a few years age there

    Quite a few years age there was a story in the National Geographic about "electric fields in electric cars", it went on to warn of the physical dangers of driving in one. The national news squelched that story like the dangers of cell phone radiation to the brain. Look up damage to the body around electric fields if you have any doubts.

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    Does anyone get a mild

    Does anyone get a mild dizziness...

    Created December 28, 2004, at 1:20 am by Anonymous

    I am an engineer and an Insight owner. I fully embrace the technologies that are found in this wonderfully engineered vehicle. But I do notice one thing that may not be so apppealing. I drive 200+ mile a day in my insight. When I am in the car and even after I leave the car, I feel a mild dizzeness the same kind of sensation one gets from talikng on a cell phone for a long period of time. I was aware of the electrical magnetic field that is generated by the electrical system. But I never thought it could auctally have an effect on me. Does anyone feel the same?

    YES. I own a 2010 Honda Insight. I am getting very dizzy headche every time when I drive my car.
    I believe my car generates very high EMF that gives me a headche.

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    You're not alone mate. We

    You're not alone mate.

    We recently purchased a Highlander Hybrid. I drove it to the post office, and back home. Approximately 4 miles round trip. I was nauseous by the time I returned. The feeling was akin to sea sickness.

    A couple of years ago I tired using a blue tooth ear piece for my cell phone. After a couple of days I felt nauseous. The only change in my daily routine was the blue tooth ear piece. I stopped using it and the nausea went away.

    The nausea I felt after driving the hybrid was very similar to the blue tooth ear piece nausea. I know it came from the hybrid electric system. As I was pulling into our driveway the hybrid system kicked in. The level of nausea increased immediately.

    Does that mean hybrid technology is flawed? No. I just have a body that reacts differently to the EMF thrown off by the system. Based on other comments I suspect my make up is in the minority. Thankfully. I suspect future models will lessen the effects as the engineering improves with time. Regardless, given my sensitve inner ear, I anticipate always facing this problem. What will I do if all vehicles become hybrid only (or exclusively electric)? I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

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    i personally felt it has

    i personally felt it has very strong magnetic field as i had used the measurement meter for magnetic field...i also sense that my chest and neck area has some pain...pain in a sense like it's heavy...and also while i use my handphone with speaker phone, some times, i have to cut the caller and call back later becoz i felt that the magnetic wave surround the car, plus my kids get headache while i was driving and used the phone for more than 10 minutes..

    We cannot avoid it, but try to use our mobile phones less frequent.

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