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    My mom and dad own a Prius

    My mom and dad own a Prius (I'm 26 but still live at home because of personal problems)...it's really my mom's car, she's the one that drives it. We have never had a problem with it until today when we were headed somewhere (she was driving) and I started to feel kind of dizzy and lightheaded. then my mom dropped me off, went off on her way to do some errands, picked me up a few hours later saying she had a huge headache. I got back in the car to come home and I am still feeling the effects....When she got out of the car she was acting strange and seemed really especially tired, but she insists that there is nothing wrong with the car and I am worried.

    well this forum doesn't seem to be hoppin' so I probably won't get an answer soon....

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    I'm feeling sleepy in my 2

    I'm feeling sleepy in my 2 week old 2008 Prius. I drive 35 miles to work -- and was always alert and enjoying NPR enroute in my 1999 Volvo. Since driving the Prius I find myself bored -- and getting sleepy. Yesterday, driving 60 miles to our weekend house, I found myself almost nodding out -- more than once. This never happened in the Volvo. What evidence/information is there on sleepiness caused by a hybrid?

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    Have been driving an 08

    Have been driving an 08 Civic Hybrid for 5 weeks. I don't get sleepy going to work but fight sleep coming home and even close my eyes at stop lights at five in the afternoon. My husband and I recently took a small 300 mile drive and both had the same "really want to go to sleep" complaint while heading home in the mid afternoon. It honestly seems subsequent to purchasing the car, and the intensity of the sleepiness is what is so remarkable. Still love the car but may have to pull over and take a nap in order to come home from work. guess I'm just getting old.

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    I own an 06 Civic hybrid and

    I own an 06 Civic hybrid and have found that on my 50 mile drive to and from work, I feel an intense sleepiness even in the morning after a good night of sleep. I also have trouble focusing my eyes on traffic around me. I am very worried that I will crash from nodding off. I have nodded off several times and found myself running off the road or in the lane of incomming traffic. I have even been to a sleep specialist to try to find out if I have some kind of sleep disorder. After two different types of sleep studies my Doctor found no problems with sleep but did put me on Provigil to keep me from falling asleep while driving. Provigil is a performance enhancing drug used by the military to keep long distant bomber pilots from falling asleep. It is also used to treat narcalepsy. Even with this, I have nodded off while driving. Something is happening while driving my hybrid that I have never experienced driving my conventional vehicals.

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    I don't own a Prius, but

    I don't own a Prius, but have ridden as passenger in a Prius three or four times for 2-3 hour trips. Each time I have felt fine until I stepped out of the car. Then I would feel dizzy, almost to the
    point of panic, with a whooshing in my ears. I've tried to bear with it, and eventually it has faded to normal. I will be riding in the car again tomorrow, and I plan to keep the window open as much as possible. I can't say I'm looking forward to feeling like that again. This has not happened to me in other Toyota vehicles; I regularly drive a Rav4 without problems. I don't have agoraphobia or panic attacks, but I am allergic to sulfites . I don't know whether it is something inside the car, or something to do with its hybrid-ness that causes the dizziness. Any suggestions?

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    I am feeling weak, and

    I am feeling weak, and lethargic, my eyes want to roll in the back of my head, it seems like it happens when i am driving my vehicle, i do let it warm up and even if i drive a short period of time, i feel like a person feels when they are put under for surgery, it scares me, i keep thinking possible carbon monoxide poisining, help

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    If you think you may have a

    If you think you may have a carbon monoxide leak why don't you purchase a CO2 detector and see if it sounds off while driving.

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    The sleepiness is likely

    The sleepiness is likely caused by the electromagnetic fluxions emitted by the hybrid system. The Insight is the worst for this, of course, because it has the most aggressive hybrid system, giving over 70 mpg economy in routine use if you're careful and not sleepy.

    Unfortunately, there's not much that the automotive engineering community can do about this problem. As the intensity of the current in the cables between the battery and the motor increases, more fluxions are emitted. They interact with the cells in your nervous system because the wavelength of the fluxions is similar to the length of the cells which causes a resonance. Even with aluminum shielding around the various electronic components there is some leakage. They could improve the situation by using lead shielding, but this would increase the weight of the car.

    Some people have found that adding a fluxion absorber can help. This consists of a small antenna with an effective length comparable to that of the wavelength of the fluxions, connected to an energy-absorbing reactance. Basically what you do is assemble a 32 cm long aluminum rod (the calculation of this length is somewhat complicated because you have to take in the end effect) with a 10k ohm resistor at the end, and connect it to the body of the car. If you put it right behind the seat it will reduce the fluxions in the area of the seat and thus reduce your sleepiness.

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    My wife says she awoke in a

    My wife says she awoke in a ditch when driving he 2007 Prius. This was a clear day, and she was returning her mother home. She is not on medications and doesn't drink. When I drive it, I find myself constantly yawning and irritable. As an aside, the towing operator did more damage than the ditch - and someone walked on the roof, requiring the roof to be replaced ($17k damages - fortunatly insurance covered). State Trooper cited her for reckless driving which she definately is not.

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    When I drive short distances

    When I drive short distances and for up to 30', I just get the 'eerie' feeling.
    But at longer distances, going up and down on mountain slopes etc (having to "step on it"), the eerieness becomes more intense and I do feel dizzy, sleepy, forgetful... Then, after having done 12 miles in an hour or so and steping out of the Insight, I find myself feeling dizzy again and again... for more than 3-4 hours! And the next day, I was sleepy the whole day.
    OK, you won't believe me if I tell you that this sleepiness vanished on the other (the next of the next) day! Seems like the melatonine levels were boosted, the pituitary over-energized or something.
    (Mind that I've trained myself to be able to drive safely under "fatigue-to-falling asleep" conditions... But in a non-hybrid car.)
    Oh: Not to forget the "cervical syndrome", which became worse for days (stiff upper spine etc).

    Other times I feel a mild yet clear sense of heat going up my spine and spreading around my inner brain. The heat lasts from a couple of hours to a few hours.
    Another aftereffect which I've noticed: some kind of vision blurriness -- just a hint of that.

    OK. I had to do something!
    I used a simple device named "RAC" that is supposed to neutralize the effects on the body of the occupant. Such devices are being used to help counterbalance the effects of geopathic stress and emf/esmog stress.
    These simple devices don't affect the emf itself, but they "change the polarization of the emf rays (radiation)". I bought this one ("RAC") that is provided with some serious certifications from a German Institute -- and it does, seem to work quite well in a PC-lab. (Many of such devices turn to be a waste of money!)
    The effect is much better now: No more sleepiness, no more diziness. Still, the eerie feeling persists.
    And the next time, a weird "tightness" in my circulation occured, as if my blood pressure was going higher. I also felt the "currents" in my feet, this time.
    So I guess, it is how I was explained by the lady who sells the "RAC" (and knows things on Reiki etc):
    The emf itself, "weakens" the body's field. So a person who is already kind of frail will definitely feel the difference (weakness, lower blood pressure etc).
    And with "RAC", the emf will "stimulate" the body's field (aura, they call it) -- effects are reversed.

    But even so, I don't know if I like to have a (sort of a) "magnetic spa" every time I ride a steep slope or anything slightly stressing the car!

    So I searched the possibility of insulating the high-voltage cable (the main cause of the emf).
    The problem is the part of the cable that is invisible from outside (underneath), hidden behind the panel and going from underneath, up to the electric motor. There is no way to reach that!...
    And although the electric field (even the LF of that component) can be insulated even from the cabin (with cheap and effective screening textiles), the magnetic component (mG) is said difficult to handle.

    The fluxion absorber is a solution I have never heard before.
    I would like some more specific information on that, if available. Like: How can I (or someone else) construct such a device?

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