Very important info.
Some independent agency should do a study on it because people are falling asleep on the road and people can get hurt. Unfortunately only a few people left a contact info (registered)

Car manufactures should take a notice of this and better shield high voltage wires.

How about making a dedicated Hybrids / Electrical Cars with a larger front engine compartment and putting all the batteries in there? This way no wires has to go through the passenger area.
By the way it should make a car safer because larger frontal compartment improves frontal crash rating.

Anyway there are only a few people reporting about this kind of problem in 5 and a half years and there are 1.7 millions hybrids on the roads in the US. May be something wrong with these individual cars - for example something wrong with shielding or electronics start to act up and work not according to specification - different frequencies or something.