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    When Hybrids will be worth it.

    Mike you make some good points.
    Edmunds lists 17 cars for under $15K:

    Many base models are around $10,000 and would be a good choice for an excellent dollar-for-mile car, and some are rated mid-30's MPG.

    One note however as soon as one begins to add options to the base models the dollar-for-mile benefit quickly shrinks.

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    When Hybrids will be worth it.

    I"m sorry you folks never go the chance to drive a real car such as the late EV1 but none of the current hybrids can even come close.

    I have an HCH and I can assure you that 0-60 in 10 seconds is unrealistic. I haven't had a chance to put a Prius through it's paces. Maybe you're referring to 0-60 kph instead of 0-60 mph? The HCH is a bit better than 0-60 kph in 10 sec.

    I'm not sure, however, where you get your fuel economy numbers either. Maybe all the pollution scrubbers on the US versions take huge hits on the mileage. My info shows the following best case US EPA estimates (converted to l/100km for you anglophobes):
    Civic Si 7.4
    Civic HCH 4.6
    Matrix 6.5
    Mini 6.5
    Audi A4 6.9 (but I hadn't realized its performance ws so good. It's acceleration is almost as good as the EV1 )
    Corolla 5.9
    EV1 2.4 (well to wheel) :-) <- note the "EV Smile"

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    When Hybrids will be worth it.

    I really dislike talking about mileage. All I know is whether it was Georgia (hot) or Alberta (cold), my gas bill is about half of a person commuting with a comparable non-hybrid car.

    That has basically meant I have been paying Japanese Engineers instead of my fellow Albertans for a portion of my transportation costs.

    And personally I like my Prius aesthetically and functionally better than a Camry or Corolla ... and I didn't want to drive a pickup anymore. So it was a good choice for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Walt View Post
    When will buying a true HEV be "worth it"? Well, watch you city taxi fleets, when they convert to hybrids, then you will know your time to buy is getting close.

    City taxis have the perfect drive cycle to get the biggest advantage from electrically assisted IC engine technologies. They drive 80% of their miles in city stop/go traffic and they drive a lot of miles every year. When the cost of fuel rises and the cost of HEV technology drops to the point that Taxi fleets start going to Hybrids, pay attention.

    Some independent Taxi operators have already adopted Prius vehicles in Canada and New York. The big fleet operators are still buying Crown Vics, mini-vans, and Impalas, but they are extremely interested in HEV technology so watch as more and more HEVs come into the market and purchase price premiums begin to drop.

    A CNG or propane fueled IC engine hooked to a HEV drive system in a mid-to-full sized sedan would be a taxi fleet operators dream car. Any OEMs listening?

    Let`s see. My 2006 Civic EX returned a best of 35 MPG and my 2007 Civic Hybrid has returned a best of 61.51 MPG on the 5 tank of fuel. It`s on track for 65 MPG on this tank. I think with the gas prices as high as they are and almost double the MPG of my previous car. Hybrids are worth it NOW.
    I bought my 2006 Civic because I was sceptical of the hybrids last year. Now I wish I had not waited to make this purchase. Beyond the MPG savings is a little free return called less stress while driving. I really enjoy driving the speed limit and waiting at lights with the motor off. It`s very relaxing. This vehicle is a challenge to drive, but not boring if your after great MPG.

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    I think hybrids are worth

    I think hybrids are worth buying now.With the rising prices on fuel we can save at least some amount of money by using the hybrid ones.

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