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    Ni-MH Battery / Permanent Magnet Motor

    I have recently traded my 2003 Jetta Diesel for a 2005 Prius. It was a hard decision as the Jetta was the best vehicle I have ever had the pleasure of owning.
    The Prius has turned out to be a smart and enjoyable experience. I truly like it more than the Jetta. Wow!, I can't believe I said that.
    One thing I have been thinking about are the Rare Earth Elements used in the battery pack and permanent magnet motor. As supply need increases for Hybrid vehicles as the smart transportation not only as fossil fuel increases in price like a legal mafia operation and our reliance on them, but also as the smart way to help our planet. As all are aware, China and India are modernizing at an incredible rate. China puts 12,000 new vehicles on the road per day and builds a city the size of Houston Texas a year. China exports 90% of the worlds supply of Rare Earths. What will happen to this Chinese supply of Rare Earths should the Chinese consume their own supply. There is currently no North American supply of Rare Earths which could end in Hybrid technology staying at elevated costs above non Hybrid vehicles.
    Through research, there is one Canadian company looking to bring a Rare Earth Element deposit into production for the North American market by 2009. I thought Rare Earths were only used for Hybrid cars until I started to look at where they are used. They are everywhere i everything we use. a new supply is needed. My information came from this website: www.gwmg.ca Very interesting indeed.
    Sorry for my long story, I'm just excited to see people become concerned for the health of Earth and ways to further that concern.

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    Hello all... I am a new here

    Hello all...
    I am a new here and hope I can learn with all of you and discuss about anything.
    Please welcome me.

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    sir i need a permanent

    sir i need a permanent magnetic motor for hybrid motor bike for my final year project so please kindly give me a prices and details of permanent magnet motor which is used in my bikes

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