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    Ford Trouble...


    I was just sent this link. I know it's not for the Hybrid, but it is for the Escape through 2004 models. Was wondering what others made of it... if anything.

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    Ford Trouble...

    Hard to know what to think about it since the dealers have no information yet. Isn't it great that the imperial federal government provides notice of a proposed service action before the manufacturer even has time to develop the technical information regarding the repair.
    The "Media" jumps all over it like it is sensational news.
    The repair might be a shot of lubricant at the cable end by the throttle body. Or it may be that it only occurs in sub-freezing weather after running through water puddles with a cold engine.
    And why do we assume that it is "Trouble"? Getting 60,000 2002-2004 Escapes back in the service bays might mean more service business for the dealers, and that's a good thing.

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    Ford Trouble...

    If the information is witheld it becomes a liability issue.

    In any case, the Escape Hybrid is certainly unaffected simply because it does not have a traditional accelerator cable, it's all drive-by-wire.

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    Ford Trouble...

    All the Escape Hybrid are model year 2005. And I have not been contacted by my dealer. That being said I am going to call them now... hold on... calling service right now...

    10:38 phone is ringing.....

    Automated answering prompts... hate it...
    press 5 for service.... three choices.. press 3 for all other inquiries...

    10:39 explained situation to guy who answered... he was clueless... he puts me on hold.... they have annoying marketing recordings trying to pull me in for service...

    10:41... Roger picks up. I ask if the '05 Hybrid Escape has been recalled? No. R u sure? If they were recalled then you would have gotten a notice from Ford. U mean corporate. Yes.

    Is there anything I should be aware of with the Hybrid? Nope, the guy who services them is shaking his head sayinig the cars haven't been recalled.

    Hey, I have one more question... How many hybrids have you guys put on the road. I have seen a few more in the last week or so?

    "I have no idea" Does the hybrid guy know? "He just walked away" Oh, okay... Well thanks for your help.

    Call ends at 10:42.

    So, there you have it... straight from the service deparment at S & C Ford.. NO HYBRID RECALL...

    Now, do you trust it????

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    Ford Trouble...

    Um. It wasn't that I didn't trust it. I should have put a question mark at the end of that title.

    I just was wondering what everyone else thought of it, owning an escape, since it is indeed a large recall.

    However as a rule, I usually don't ever trust what the first person tells me about this vehicle, even if they're from ford. It's so new, that most people need to look up everything before they just rattle an answer off. Not nessecarily about this, but well... for example...

    I called to find out if remote starters were available for the vehicle. At first, they said yes. I scheduled the install, and they later called me to retract their "yes". Several weeks later, they're still "searching" for the answer....

    I adore this vehicle, so it's not a huge concern that I can't get a remote starter- just is difficult to get a final answer sometimes.

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    Ford Trouble...

    The 2005's (including Hybrids) are not included - period. Ford has not sent anything to dealers yet so asking them now means nothing.

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