// Would you buy an 05 Hybrid Highlander?
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    Would you buy an 05 Hybrid Highlander?

    I beleive that Toyota has proven it's hybrid technology in the Prius, and have read that they have a hybrid version of the Sienna in Japan. People are telling me it's not a good idea to buy the first model year of any car. What are anyone's thoughts on this? Would you buy the first year hybrid Highlander?

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    Would you buy an 05 Hybrid Highlander?

    I've been reading about the auto industry as a hobby for a while now, and in a previous post titled "Honda Accord Hybrid" I mentioned one of the sources I use to get good technical auto information, sales figures and future plans.

    The usual "never buy the initial model year car" advice is less and less applicable every year. All auto manufacturers have gotten better since the 70s, 80s and even 90s, so their first-year problems are less. Toyota typically has the fewest defects per 100 cars, fewest recalls, fewest manhours to produce a car, and quickest time to new model year. They have also won the most quality awards of any Japanese firm (in Japan).

    I've been driving Subarus for year, but I have recently ordered a Prius, and personally, I would buy any first-year vehicle from either Toyota or Honda. Other manufactures I'm not so sure about.....

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    Would you buy an 05 Hybrid Highlander?

    Well, I wouldn't purchase a car during its premier year under any circumstances. There are too many unknowns: engineering defects only apparent in the aftermarket (tell me Toyota has never had a recall...), unanticipated minor irritants, and then there is the inexperience of the dealer to prep. the vehicle for purchase, and the inexperience of the service departments to keep the vehicle in good shape.

    No, thanks.

    I am quite eager to test drive one of these, though, and to read the detailed specs., see the pull out seats, understand the pulling power (with a trailer), better learn how the 4WD operates, and otherwise apprise myself of future possibilities.

    I am driving a 4Runner now, and am getting about 20 mpg
    (highway). I would certainly like to improve that.

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    Would you buy an 05 Hybrid Highlander?

    Every year manufacturers put more pressure on their dealers to train their salesmen and their mechanics for better customer service all around.

    When you look at sales figures, most auto companies are up and down, and most have lost market share over the years. Toyota is the only steady grower, increasing their market share every year. That is millions of customers voting with their paychecks. They have also had more model changes, i.e., first year vehicles, than other manufacturers, with people still willing to buy them. I don't think anybody need worry about Toyota, and probably not Honda either.

    I think American manufacturers are catching up. They are just not there yet.

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    Would you buy an 05 Hybrid Highlander?

    Yes, the electric is proven in the prius, and should be very similar to the Lexus which is already being delivered.
    What I would like to see is a three cylinder cruise in the Higlander like in Honda's engine.
    Then you have the good acceleration of the V-6 plus electric; you have the fine city mileage; and the road mileage should come up because of the 3 cylinder cruise.

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    Would you buy an 05 Hybrid Highlander?

    In the case of Toyota and Honda, I would say you're OK buying a first year production vehicle. Most of the vehicles introduced in the U.S. have already been around in Japan for at least a year in comparable models. I wouldn't buy an American car due to the fact that they'll never figure out that using the public to finish the quality assurance aspect of manufacturing is a bad idea and short sighted. Look at the recent huge recalls of GM and Ford and you'll see that nothing has really changed. Unfortunately for them, the car buying public is starting to figure this out and both GM and Ford are loosing market share rapidly.

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    Would you buy an 05 Hybrid Highlander?

    100% yes ! We have a Prius 2004 and will add the new 2006 Hybrid Highlander ASAP. I am on two waitlists to buy the HH, with deposits. Toyota has proven itself on dependability in hybrid technology. I have looked at all the other cars and SUVs with hybrid power systems... and my choice is the Hybrid Highlander.
    My daughter and her husband are buying the Lexus Rx400h but I don't think it has enough room and it only has 5 seats. Besides, I don't want to spend so much money on a SUV (Lexus). I will; however, keep an eye out for the Lexus sedan with hybrid technology. For those Buyers interested in a midsize car possibly bigger than the Prius... look for the hybrid Camry which is due in 2006 and possibly manufactured in the U.S.
    WE LOVE OUR PRIUS !! We are anxious to get the HH.

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    Would you buy an 05 Hybrid Highlander?

    I would definitely recommend it. We bought one a week ago, and the whole family loves it. Classy enough for our teenage kids, roomy enough for mom to carry those kids and their gear, and macho enough for dad.

    It drives about the same as the standard Highlander, maybe faster. You don't notice the mode changes unless you're watching the screen. Mileage on the first two tankfuls was 25 - 26 with lots of highway miles. I expect to get close to the 28 mpg stated on the sticker after it loosens up a bit.

    Finally, our dealer was great. No pre-sale deposit, no dealer add-on. Just sticker price and coureous service.

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    Would you buy an 05 Hybrid Highlander?

    I did so about 2 weeks ago...paying $3,000 OVER MSRP. So far it is every bit worth it. I'm already getting 27 MPG overall, around town.....lots of that is freeway driving.....and if I drive like a little old lady...I can get it to 29. (but that's really slow, boring, and has people pointing fingers at you).
    automotively it is superb.......AND....the amazing thing is that it does 60 mph in 7.5 seconds (then of course your mileage really goes to heck in a handbasket)....but at least that acceleration is there. The onboard computers are terrific, including the Navigation system which I bought.
    Very pleased......no troubles whatsoever so far....and in fact my wife now wants to be put on the waiting list for one.

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