// Okay...now what do I do?
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    Okay...now what do I do?

    I went out to buy a new truck today. My current truck is a 1992 GMC. I really don't want to be sucked into a 15 mpg hog for the next 13 years. My Gmc runs like a champ, and I keep it in top condition.....but for how much longer...well I just don't know. Do I buy another pig truck or wait? I got a good deal on a new truck..maybe too good. I have to wonder.. should I keep my '92 for another year? Are all these great deals just to get the hogs off the lot? Is something better on the designer's table? I am confused. I just hate the idea of 15 mpg . I just hate the thought......I hate it I tell you!


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    Okay...now what do I do?

    hang in there for about a year or less. ford's hybrid SUV might be a candidate for you already. certainly others are coming soon. i heard somewhere (this website?) of some SUV-trucks coming out with 110 outlets for operating power tools at construction sites & such.

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    Okay...now what do I do?

    Chevrolet and other GM companies have been dragging their heels on getting hybrid vehicles on the market because they feel they'd rather throw all their eggs into the fuel-cell basket.

    Despite this reluctance, GM has decided to make a half-hearted attempt at producing a hybrid. One of their first will be the Silverado pickup. You can find more information about it at the following address:


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    Okay...now what do I do?

    Something else to consider: using a trailer. If you can get by without a truck, just buy a trailer and use if for those times when you need to haul stuff. I put a $300 hitch on my Subaru Legacy (soon to be replaced with a Prius) and bought a trailer for $500. I can haul up to 1700 lbs of mulch, wood, sand bags, garden supplies, firewood, whatever, a lot more cheaply than buying a truck and paying the associated costs of insurance, maintenance and gasoline, etc.

    Its a little more inconvenient and I can't drive as fast as I would be able to in a truck, but I can put up with that.

    By the way, I believe I read that the Toyota Highlander hybrid will be able to haul 3500 lbs.

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