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    Electric car in movie

    Smart cars are deceptively safe, even though they don't look it. Daimler Chrysler did a test where they crashed a big Mercedes into the front of a Smart car and the Smart car was less damaged and basicly the dummies weren't harmed. The Smart doesn't have alot of crumple space, but it does have a fairly rigid rollcage and lots of airbags. The only problem for a Smart car is the wind whips them around at highway speed, but they all have stability control to cut down on that.

    Another good one for crash tests is the Mini from BMW. They did a crash test between a Ford F-150 vs. the Mini Cooper and the dummy occupants of the F-150 recieved worse injury ratings than the Mini occupants.

    I'd like to see more cars like that in the US- especially the diesel engine version. The Smart car with the diesel engine gets 60 mpg (sequential manual transmission), and the Mini Cooper with the TDI gets 54 mpg (CVT or manual).

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    Electric car in movie

    The Smart car has been here in Canada since fall of '04, and they seem very safe as well as clean. They are incredibly popular and there are some dealerships with long wait lists. I had a chance to drive one, and was impressed with how spacious it was (I'm over 6' tall and had plenty of leg and head room) and was also impressed with how many safety features are included. So far, only the 2-seater diesel model is available here. On the Smart website smart.com you can find a lot of safety info including videos showing crash tests with much larger vehicles. Thought some of you might be interested in checking it out.

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    Electric car in movie

    The car in sleep over is a Nissan you can see it at this page.


    It is not a Smart car, you can clearly see the NISSAN logo (the silver circle with the rectangle Nissan logo).


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    Electric car in movie

    may i ask what a hybrid car is t

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    Electric car in movie

    Where can you buy Smart Cars and/or Nissian Hyperminis?

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    Here's the Nissan hypermini

    Here's the Nissan hypermini from the movie;

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    Did you not see the BIG

    Did you not see the BIG BRIGHT SHINY SILVER LOGO on the car that says NISSAN very clearly. DUH!!

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    Most definitely is NOT a

    Most definitely is NOT a smart car.

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