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    Accurate Real Life Experiences

    Hi Everyone.

    I just found this report on hybrids.


    It has lots of information on all the different hybrids on the market. Accurate fuel records for 100 different hybrids, plus lots of cool videos.

    Be sure to check out the Hybrid Savings Calculator too. Its great to show your friends whether they can save money by buying a hybrid.

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    Accurate Real Life Experiences

    Very interesting Report.

    Interesting to see the fuel performance regular people are getting in hybrids. Unlike us hybrid nerds, I bet most of the people in these corporate fleets aren't changing their driving patterns to nurse every ounce of gasoline out of their car.

    Definitely check out the video on the hybrid prius taxi and civic courier company. These guys are definitely making money by driving a hybrid!

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    Accurate Real Life Experiences

    i didn't chase down that link report yet, but want to relay my driving habits.

    i bought a honda civic hybrid 4 months back. initially i was driving like a "good guy" & watched how i drove being all proper. i got pretty good mileage - matching the posted 48 MPG and all.

    eventually i decided to use the available gas economy & start driving like i usually did. i now get 42 MPG. not really a bad penalty for the way i like to drive.

    you make the leap to a hybrid & get good value no matter what.

    see ya


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    Accurate Real Life Experiences

    This is an interesting point -- getting 48MPG driving to maximize mileage versus getting 42MPG driving in a more 'normal' or perhaps 'agressive' manner. Either result is great mileage compared to what is on the road today.

    I find myself cringing when I go up a hill and my instant MPG guage goes down to 25MPG. Gasp! Only 25MPG in the worst case! That's better than my previous 2002 Honda Civic Si got around town in the best of conditions, and I'm complaining? I now am averaging about 44MPG in my lousy 5 mile stop-and-go commute; even if I was getting less than 40MPG, what an improvement that would be.

    So I'm with you folks -- 42 or 48MPG, either way, is phenomenal gas mileage.

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