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    Hybrid Gasoline Engine - Atkinson Cycle

    Larry, there's short explanation about a third of the way down

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    E-85 gives lower gas milage

    E-85 gives lower gas milage because alchol has much less energy per gallon than gasoline.

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    Early gasoline piston

    Early gasoline piston engines (Otto Cycle) were inefficient and trying to improve this, Thomas Midley Jr. (working at GM) invented the leaded gasoline using tetraethyl (TEL) additive which silenced engine "putt-putt" and "ping" or nocking sounds, eliminated sputtering, and helped prevent the overheating that often occured when a motorist accelerated or climbed a hill. The Atkins cycle invention may have been applied to vehicles to avoid the aforementioned combustion issues.

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    added mpg can be gained (on

    added mpg can be gained (on a tank by tank basis) by dropping an alka-seltzer tab in after filling up. This increases the pressure of your fuel/air mixture (much like a turbo) but will not use any additional fuel. It is perfectly safe for your fuel system / engine, and will act as a cleaning agent in dirtier systems. For best results, use 2 tablets per 10 gallons in your tank.

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