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    Taxing and Taxes

    I will not give all my reasons to support getting the Government out of our billfold because of space limitation. I am just an individual with a bunch of ideas but would be open to further detail or discussion.

    This is one of the strongest arguments in favor of letting the rich keep their earnings. The operating term here is earnings, not wealth by fraud.

    This newsletter is addressed to those who are involved in business and in investments. Both of these areas create jobs.

    The socialists concept of soaking the rich is self defeating because it takes investment money out of circulation.

    Who knows what the best design is going to be. Henry Ford started with the Tin Lizzie and the country grew from there. Their latest model is a far cry from those first models. Also look at the Wright Brothers. What we have today has moved far from Kitty Hawk.

    Our vast power grid is a long ways from the young Nicola Tesla who wondered why an alternating current motor could not be built. It was common knowledge at that time it woudl not be pssible but it was. When Tesla grasped the concept he had the key to a new universe.

    There is one thing in common with all of this. Each idea and every discovery was the product of one mind at a time. None of this was a government project where the bureaucrat has a completely different motive that cannot conceive these technological wonders. Not every one of Tesla's projects worked but they still cost money. That is why we need the rich to finance these goofy ideas. Some of them work like MicroSoft.

    I see the hybrid as an excellent choice for stop and go traffic and traffic congestion. You do not need to consume power waiting for the red light or for congested traffic to clear out. This would do more than any other advance to clear city pollution from idling motors.

    Progress is going to be made by individuals, not companies and certainly not government. There is a lot to the foundation backing these thoughts but we need to get our priorities right as to what we need from our government and what we definitely don't need but already have. Remember, to soak the rich is to drown the poor.

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    Taxing and Taxes

    i wouldn't be surprised if small comunities jump on hybrids for basic run around town vehicles. this will happen without government intervention.

    other countries see the value & demand for hybrids more then the USA companies. honda & toyota for starters, ford already in catch up mode. chevy & others simply watching?

    you'll see taxi's & small delivery couriers getting hybrids. payback is fast.

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    Taxing and Taxes

    I'm not sure what triggered this anti-government rant. The Internet is the first example that comes to mind of an incredible technology that came about because of government leadership and government funding. The interstate highway system is pretty useful, too, and that wasn't developed by private enterprise. And it took forty years for a private company to put a man into space. I'm no socialist, but let's give credit where credit is due!

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